Tekken 7 - New Character Gigas Officially Revealed, Available in Arcades on April 28th

Just announced on the CAPCOM TV Chokaigi niconico stream, Tekken 7's newest character is a giant red colossus character named Gigas. Gigas is set to make his appearance in Tekken 7 in arcades on April 28th which is this upcoming Tuesday. The official trailer for the character hasn't been uploaded yet but I recorded the trailer shown on stream for everyone to see below. Will update with official images and trailer as they arrived.

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Cra2yey31391d ago

Kinda wished they removed the ground breaking so much after each slam and save it more for powerful moves or a high blast from the air.

georgenancy1391d ago

generic big fighting game character archetype.Tekken needs a huge overhaul

Gran Touring1391d ago

seems like a craig marduk replacement

Orionsangel1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

Reminds me of Bane in the comics.

boing11391d ago

I don't know. The more I see it, the more I think I'll stick with TTT2. I just wish for a current gen remake.

Hoffmann1391d ago

I seriously wish they would do a restart like Mortal Kombat had in 2011 with MK9. Combine the story of Tekken 1-3 with the visuals of today and a solid fighting game system thats now overblown with features.

+ get back to the roots and have mostly martial arts characters in the game and less weaboo/anime-type ones.

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