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In this open-ended third-person perspective game you control a goat where your goal is to smash stuff. It’s glitchy, buggy, and the gameplay mechanics stink yet somehow this ridiculous game has become an internet phenomenon.

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JsonHenry1397d ago

However, my kids have spent countless hours and love it. I can turn it on for them and in less than 5 minutes I hear endless giggling and laughing.

This isn't a game for adults obviously. But I will promise you that your young children will love this.

aagerrity1397d ago

I agree.. I think I need another XBone.. Mine has been stolen by my kids :/

svoulis1397d ago

Something tells me you missed the point of this game completely.

JCOLE131951397d ago

There are supposed to be glitches and bugs in this game. In fact, they deliberately didn't fix them because it adds to the hilarity of the game. It's not supposed to be taken seriously. It's a joke of a game.

Digital_Anomaly1397d ago

Ok, so the glitches and what not are supposed to be there and he totally gets that but does the game REALLY deserve much higher of a score? I mean it's amusing yeah but is it a good game? Not in the slightest even if it is meant to be taken tongue in cheek.

People are always yelling and screaming about integrity and honesty in games journalism and if we're being honest... it isn't good! Great for a laugh, horrible actual game.

svoulis1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

Is it odd talking in 3rd person? I only assume you wrote the article since you submitted it and actually took the time to defend it.

Kudos to you for defending your own article, nothing wrong with it at all.

In my own opinion however its a 10$ game that you (or your children) play for a few laughs, and if you like random achievements and stuff there are things to do.

10$ can get you a sandwich and an energy drinks these days. If the game tried to be something it's not i'd warrant your opinion on the score.

But, honestly it is what it is. A simulator in which you mess with all types of physics while using a goat as the test dummy.

In no way should the word "integrity" be used to review this game. I just feel you went into this game/review thinking it was something it wasn't.

I honestly don't think a game like this deserves a review at all.

Digital_Anomaly1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

Haha, no I'm not the author so you assumed wrong. I just submitted it.

Seriously, talking in the 3rd person? I hate that shit, lol.

Nio-Nai1397d ago

Aren't games just supposed to be fun?

Toiletsteak1397d ago

The game is completely random but actually fun, i don't play for to long it is a great game to kill an hour.

Audiggity1397d ago

You just won the contest for the best username ever.

Congratulations Toiletsteak!

Audiggity1397d ago

@ Toiletsteak...

Sorry, thought that was obvious. You won a pair of Baked Toiletpotatoes and a side dish of raw jelly beans.

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The story is too old to be commented.