Alan Wake in talks for Xbox One port; a sequel might hit anywhere, including PlayStation

Talks are underway between Microsoft and Remedy Entertainment to bring the original Alan Wake to the Xbox One, Remedy's chief creative officer Sam Lake told Polygon.

"I would love that to happen," Lake said. "Nothing has happened yet, but we are discussing this possibility with Microsoft.

greenmiker2964d ago

Next Alan Wake will come to PS4, I doubt though for Wii U release.

DarkOcelet2964d ago

That would be good news. Such an underrated game.

Gazondaily2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

Yeah it would be wicked if the PlayStation crowd could get a chance to play this. It would help with sales too because Alan Wake didn't really set the world on fire with its sales (partly due its unfortunate release window).

[edit] Ah sorry I misread this. I thought the port could come to PS4. The sequel actually might:

"When it comes to sequels it's our thing, we can do whatever makes sense and what's best for the franchise overall,"

MS might be sweeping this up with Spencer on board.

vishmarx2964d ago

it was flawed and released alongside RGR. had a little too much combat as well.
that being said, I FREAKING LOVED IT.
IM A HUGE SUCKER FOR SUCH GAMES. if only it had pacing and world design more akin to 'life is strange'
the first few hours are so intriguing and then it turns into a shootfest later on.
i was saddened when ms wanted something with more 'commercial appeal' (sam lake's words) and cancelled alan wake.
and with a little better pacing and subtler action i can see this kind of game doing really well on playstation.
and its nobody's fault, its just each console demographics.
alan wake needed to be more story/exploration focused than it was

bouzebbal2964d ago

i loved this game in the beginning, but its repetitiveness let me down. good game overall

chrismichaels042964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

Alan Wake was one of the few games I enjoyed on the 360 along with the Gears of War and Mass Effect games. An Xone remaster would be a pretty good sign that a sequel might be coming.

I'm glad Remedy can have more freedom with choosing which platform they can release Alan Wake 2 on. Much like with Respawn bringing TitanFall 2 to PS4, Remedy could also take advantage of the huge PS4 community and sell a ton more copies. I would definitely consider playing Alan Wake 2 on either PS4 or PC.

breakpad2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

i got bored with the first one ,i dont care for a sequel.. MS is nt idiot that didnt bought the IP immediately

HighResHero2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

Picked it up on GOG a few months ago. Happy to be playing through it right now.
It's a game that could use PROPER sequel.
As long as they don't try to "appeal to a wider audience" by turning it in to trash and alienating everyone(RE series) we could have a winner.
If they make it even more hardcore that would be great too.
Oh and p0lygon ;/

darthv722964d ago

A very under the radar type of game. i loved it and the xbla spin off. If a XB1 port is made, then i would hope they include the two dlc expansions and the xbla game american nightmare.

that would make for a great compilation.

Bdub20002964d ago

I don't know, it's better than nothing (it was a great game) but Getting tired of remasters.


Gority2964d ago


I think a lot of people who really wanted to play it were able to play on PC eventually. My guess is the game did a lot better on PC than on 360 as well, it was constantly very cheap on Steam sales. I really wonder how much the game sold digitally.

With that said, no doubt being available on Sony platforms would increase potential sales.

No doubt I'm going to get flamed for this.... but I feel the 360 just wasn't the right platform for Alan Wake. Sony platforms have always welcomed more niche titles, which in my mind Alan Wake is. The 360 just always seemed like the Halo/Gears/Madden box to me. The X1 on the other hand has done a much better job at getting away from that stereotype with Phil leading that charge, especially with games like Sunset, Ori, and in the future scalebound. I'm sure there are others as well.

oasdada2963d ago

It probably sold less due to more fps fans on xbox.. a port would be a good way to assess future expections on the ps platform for a possible sequel.. i just want them to stick to the original idea of an open world game where we investigate in the day and survive at night.. yea sounds a lot like folklore but that was the initial plan

Gamer19822963d ago

it was never under rated lets get that straight. It just wasn't well known that's the main thing. Critics loved it as did gamers who played it. Using underrated is wrong as it wasn't it just didnt sell as well as remedy thought thanks to remedy not having a mass advertising budget and not being hyped at all not many got to play it.

RedDevils2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

Played it on PC, it was meh not fall that trap again

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Neonridr2964d ago

If MS opts to not pick it up it might show up on PS4. I believe they have first dibs at the game. And they would be stupid to not make it happen.

I could see MS getting Remedy to make an Xbox One port and then have them work on the sequel after. This way it gets the new Xbox One owners a chance to try the game if they missed it the first time around.

I really loved AW and can't wait to play more.

BitbyDeath2963d ago

Probably just an empty threat.
AKA we want more money MS, pay up.

higgins782964d ago

I own a Wii U and very modest PC in which Alan Wake runs flawlessly. A good game, not a great game, but worth owning/playing just for the flashlight/attack mechanic. My Wii U on the other hand has far bigger fish to fry...

umair_s512964d ago

I never owned 360, so this would be no-brainer. But if it is only a simple port I will not pay a cent over $20.

Automatic792964d ago

Phil is on board for a sequel on Xbox One.

VealParmHero2964d ago

I think it would be good for the game to go multiplat. But I've been saying for years now, MS should really have purchased this studio a while back or if it's still possible. Great way to bolster 1st party and solidify exclusive content. But hey, w.e. As long as they continue to make great games, Idc where they come to .

AngelicIceDiamond2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

"Alan Wake in talks for Xbox One port; a sequel might hit anywhere, including PlayStation"

That'd be interesting actually. But the last thing MS needs to to do is let this game hit PlayStation imo. Its a unique Ip that MS needs to hold on to.

The last thing that needs to happen is letting go of exclusives. Enough of this timed jazz and start making projects that stay on X1. Phil's a smart guy he knows the repercussions of letting this game go. Xbox fans will eat him alive if this goes multiplat.

Sure it would suck if it ended up on PlayStation but I wouldn't be apart of the raging Xbox crowd. I'll be more upset of the fact that MS is carelessly letting go of its games and further prove MS is pathetic, nearly laughable holding on to worthwhile exclusives.

Like I said it'll be interesting and the game will in fact sell tons more. But MS needs its own personal portfolio of exclusives games and imo, they need to completely buy out Alan Wake Ip and make it their own full time game.

_-EDMIX-_2963d ago

"That'd be interesting actually. But the last thing MS needs to to do is let this game hit PlayStation imo. Its a unique Ip that MS needs to hold on to.

The last thing that needs to happen is letting go of exclusives"

....its not Exclusive...I played it on PC and MS doesn't own the IP.

They didn't when they were publishing Mass Effect, Ninja Gaiden, Alan Wake, Gears Of War, Dead Rising 3, Ryse and the list goes on.

I'm sorry but what you think MS would do or wouldn't let happen doesn't make sense as their history of publishing titles they don't own shows more they would be ok with it.

Consider the above, most of the titles ended up else where and published by the IP owners....

" MS needs its own personal portfolio of exclusives"

I 100% agree with you on that one, but they've shown over the years that they care more about the sales of the system and not establishing a owned library of IPs...

Out of Sony and Nintendo, MS publishes the most titles they DON'T OWN THE IP to. They seem to be quite fine with having timed games or being the "first" with a title that gets them huge sales on their system then building a library of life long exclusives.

If its cheaper for them to pay Remedy to make it timed and get huge sales for XONE, they'll do it vs actually buying the IP.

Ryse, Sunset Overdrive, Titan Fall, Dead Rising 3, Tomb Raider goes to really show you what they would pay for. If MS focus this gen was in house, those deals would not be made in the first place, at least not so many of them.

I see this deal likely being timed or Remedy making it fully mulitplatform from the start.

Neonridr2963d ago

@EDMIX - I fail to see your point. You do realize that MS still makes money in the end from PC ports right?

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Magicite2963d ago

You know that third parties have abandoned WiiU, project Cars being last.

Pogmathoin2963d ago

Like some movies, they may not set the world alight when first released, but end up with that cult status, must play game. I would expect MS to get sense and tie down this game. A sequel will happen, and be for Win 10 as well no doubt....

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Nirvana315912964d ago

If they actually want to sell their game they'd release it on PS4.

spicelicka2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

lol you could say the same with many PS exclusives.

P.S. If you scroll down you'll see an article saying Alan Wake franchise has passed 4.5 million. That's "selling" to me.

MasterCornholio2964d ago

Wasn't that with an install base of over 70 million consoles?

Ron_Danger2964d ago

Franchise includes the PC version and the downloadable content so that spreads your argument pretty thin.

Don't bring up a vague point just because you hope us Sony gamers don't know the facts.

Neixus2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

How would you know if it's ''selling'' if you don't know the figures it cost to make the game?

marlinfan102964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

This is a first. A new IP hits 4.5 million copies sold but somehow that's not good lol. Okay...


How many games never hit 4.5 million between ps3, 360 and pc? A lot. I wouldn't call 4.5 million great but it's definitely not bad.

sparta762964d ago

@ master 4.5 million on 360, pc and steam.
I think they just hit 4.5 about a few weeks ago

MasterCornholio2964d ago


Oh OK.

I didn't know that the game was multiplatform.

Thanks for the info.

oasdada2963d ago

Most ps games wud not be even in development if they wrnt on PS.. no alan wake 2 on 360 proves that

_-EDMIX-_2963d ago you can't. Many PS exclusives are owned by Sony. Alan Wake is not owned by MS, Remedy owns the IP. MS merely published the game on 360, Remedy published the game on PC...

LexHazard792963d ago

@master, wasnt there plenty games on Playstation that didnt sell well, even with a 80million plus install base? it worked both ways.

vega2752963d ago


I posted this in the other thread. so i think I'll do the same here

Remedy asked MS to allow them to release it on PC. which is why it came to PC. so again Thank MS for allowing you guys to play it on PC. since had they not you wouldn't have played it.

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Neixus2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

Lol @ people who think the sales number alone is worth anything. You need to add budget and the cost to create the game in.

let's say the cost to make Alan Wake was 50million dollars, and it sells 4.5m copies, that's profitable and it -sold good-

Now, let's say the game had cost the same amount of money, as GTA V. The game still sells 4.5m copies, but it wouldn't be profitable and it would be considered to have really bad sales.

Neixus2964d ago

Wow, disagreeing?
This like disagreeing with the fact that 2+2=4

I need to stop commenting on n4g.

star_lancer2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

Or you could just stop guessing what a game cost to make. Your comment seems to be trying to downplay AW's sales without any real numbers to back you up. That's why you're getting disagrees. 2+2=4 is a fact. Your guesses aren't.

I mean, nobody in their right mind would believe Alan Wake cost as much to make as GTA V - that's just a ridiculous comparison to make.

Dario_DC2964d ago

My favorite game on the 360! Loved the story, gameplay and the awesome soundtrack, was really disappointing that most of xbox owners were all over Halo\Gears at the time... This game deserves more attention\sales than it got.

RiseofScorpio2964d ago

Nah Remedy is THE best 2nd party MS has imo. I think Phil will give AW2 the green light, providing they increase their productivity. 5 years a game is a tough sell for any publisher unless its GTA.

BiggerBoss2964d ago

I think you misread his comment

Kingdomcome2472964d ago

I completely did lol. Sorry, coffee hadn't quite kicked in. After rereading it I completely agree, and strike my question.

ThePresentIsAgift2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

That would be so good, I have it on steam such an awesome game. Bring it back to Xbox Microsoft, do the smart thing!

I'll never forget when I played it on 360 in 2010, blew me away back then, so moody and atmospheric-still makes me jump now haha.