Star Wars Battlefront: Storm Trooper teased with these incredible images

Electronic Arts have posted these impressive-looking screenshots on Instagram teasing the Storm Trooper from Star Wars Battlefield.

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Relientk773330d ago

This game will break the internet when it's revealed

SpaceRanger3330d ago

No joke, I can feel the wave of excitement and anticipation coming from the hype for this game. Its the same way I can see the storms coming over the hills here in Texas that we've had the past few days.

It's going to be amazing! And we'll be the ones who get to say that we experienced it from the start.

May the force be with you all...and the Internet... these next coming days. We'll need it.

vishmarx3330d ago

the internet breakdown will be even more severe if it turns out to be an first person only bf clone.

hoping for the exact opposite lol

Naga3330d ago

On breaking the internet, perhaps they should just release a screenshot of a storm trooper in that Kardashian pose just to seal the deal.

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SolidStoner3330d ago

I hope that it would be battlefield with different skin.. since Hardline failed to be real battlefield .. maybe this one will be.. :D lmao

poppinslops3330d ago

At least it won't be on xbox360/PS3... whatever it ends up being, it'll be bigger and shinier than Battlefield.

Which reminds me - 3PO and R2 did today's 'Top 10' on Letterman... it was pretty funny; R2 said he walked in on Han going 'Solo'.

raymantalk13330d ago

i do hope this is a great game but for gods sake dont make more out of what we have seen, nothing that has been shown so far says it will be great when we/i actually see actual gameplay then we/i can then be impressed until then just wait.

garrettbobbyferguson3330d ago

Here's to hoping it's not Battlefield 4: Star Wars edition. Last thing I need is another series that I enjoyed catering to the modern COD/Battlefield crowd.


Well judging by the teaser trailer release a few weeks back. I put my money on it STAR WARS: Battle clones

Bobby Kotex3329d ago

No one cares about your weather.

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3-4-53330d ago

* Never got to play the previous two SW Battlefront games but this new one is very high up on my list of most wanted games.

* Pairing this with the release of the new movie has my Star Wars hype increasing weekly.

kickerz3330d ago

My internet is dizzy with excitement

princejb1343330d ago

not if dice breaks the game first lol

RedDevils3330d ago

All those starwars nerds will scream like sissy girls when it realease

llMurcielagoll3330d ago

I just hope it does not break the game servers upon release which is more than likely to happen and most of us wont be able to play multi-player or Single player should it be DRM oriented.

Syntax-Error3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

Too bad Xbox One gets the game a week before PS owners. EA Access will be releasing it early to it's subscribers.

Electronic Arts originally wanted EA Access to appear on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but Sony rejected the membership program because of their own membership program PSNow

kraenk123329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

It's only 5 days an I guess everyone can wait 5 days for the supposedly better version.

CowbopBeboy3329d ago

I'm as excited for Star Wars Battlefront as much as the next person, but in what universe is an image of a Stormtrooper's chestplate "incredible"?

quenomamen3329d ago

Correction, this game will be broken when it's released.

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Bigpappy3330d ago

Have to wait and see it those images represent "in-game".

starchild3330d ago

Well, considering they said the trailer would feature in-game footage, I think it's fairly likely these images are too. Not a guarantee, just a suspicion.

HammadTheBeast3330d ago

Killzone 2 ended up looking better than the trailers or target render. There's a number of comparisons online.

Ken853330d ago

I think that could be an in gameplay model.Have you seen the models on BF4? And remember that game was still cross platform for last gen. This ones gonna be much newer and shiner

-Foxtrot3330d ago

I'm scared and excited by thos game