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A Star Wars: Republic Commando Remake Could Be The Perfect Halo Clone

A remake of the classic Star Wars: Republic Commando game could be the next best multiplayer Star Wars game.

LG_Fox_Brazil42d ago

Star Wars: The Bad Batch, 5 players co-op missions in a Hitman style where you have to achieve your goal and has multiple options on how to approach it, stealth or guns blazing. I would buy it day one

Becuzisaid42d ago

The problem with that is whoever would get stuck with Omega would ruin any attempts at stealth since she just can't STFU

CrimsonWing6942d ago

Why not a sequel? Like, Y’know, having the original and then something brand new?

Becuzisaid42d ago

Make me an elite trooper of the 501st who hunts Jedi. That's it. No Jedi in the game except for your mission targets. No lightsabers like every other game. Just a good soldier following orders. No moral dilemma or switching sides after a mission or two, just pure carnage for the Empire. Then disposed of at the end of the game for the new storm troopers.


What the Canadians behind Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic are working on now

Some of the key creatives behind the iconic BioWare RPG discuss the game's Canadian legacy, the evolution of technology and their latest projects.

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sertz79d ago

Think it is super interesting what these guys are doing now. Personally my fav is Zeschuk. Just doing his brewery thing :P


Celebrating 20 years of KOTOR with the iconic RPG's Canadian creators

Lead designer James Ohlen, senior writer Drew Karpyshyn, star Jennifer Hale and more offer a deep dive into one of the greatest games ever made.

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coolbeans80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Still remains an all-time classic. Canada does some good stuff every now and then. ;)