Start-up Spotlight: Little Devil Inside

Little Devil Inside is a 3D Action/Adventure RPG that mixes Zelda with Dark Souls. Those two game have been compared to each other before, and Little Devil Inside fits snuggly in the middle. It has a cartoony style that retains a bit of gore and seriousness that Nintendo wouldn’t get away with in a modern game.

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3-4-51373d ago

It's releasing on EVERY platform ?

Don't remember the last time I saw that.

Like the art style though.

breakpad1373d ago

and here we go...a mash up of everything ... no coherent design-art-story,no gameplay mechanics -controls , no nothing...just donate a tech demo ...No ,just NO

Seafort1373d ago

Nope it's PC, Linux and Mac first. Console maybe later if they can get the funding.

I shall be backing their kickstarter as the game looks to have a lot of potential.

3-4-51373d ago

ah thanks for clearing that up.

WizzroSupreme1373d ago

Looks like a lovely little game. I did the animation here. Looks like kind of a quirky, 3D Pixar work.

1373d ago
TheCatsMeow1373d ago

I would buy this game in a heartbeat if it came to consoles.