IGN Says Motorstorm 2 has come a LONG way in only two months

In IGN's latest hands on with Motorstorm 2 at E3 they had praise for Evolution Studios:

When IGN last saw MotorStorm: Pacific Rift at Sony's Judge's Day back in May, it was very early and didn't look good. It ran very poorly, there were constant graphical glitches, and it looked like Evolution Studios had a long, long and perhaps impossible road ahead of itself to prepare the game for release sometime this year.

Only two months later, the game is fun as hell, runs great and looks awesome. They're amazed at studio has come so far so quickly, but this is the sequel to MotorStorm that I've been waiting to see since the original's release.

It's also worth noting that they were able to play a split-screen race and the game handled everything extremely well. Visual parity between a single and split-screen race will have to be checked out at a later time when I'm able to repeat the same area multiple times, but what they saw was rather impressive.

MotorStorm: Pacific Rift is currently slated to ship with 16 tracks, and will feature Trophy support and… wait for it… custom soundtracks. There's no firm release date yet, but we should see it sometime before the end of the year.

pwnsause5812d ago (Edited 5812d ago )

FEAR TEH MONSTAR TRUCK!!!!! , on a serious note, this is the ultimate competition to burnout, just that you go off roading though. both games are sweet

sonarus5812d ago

I have been hearing good things about pure. I really had no worries about this game. MS1 was awesome but all that was missing was split screen. Split screen update alone made this a win in my book

meepmoopmeep5812d ago

now, this is the type of game where custom soundtracks are needed.


day one buy for me, and i'm not a big racing gamer.

yesah5812d ago

i hope there are squirrels you can run over.

sonarus5812d ago

You have no idea how needed custom soundtracks are:)

MS2 is definitely a must buy for me. I hope it comes out in september though. With LBP and socom moving to october there is no september game:(

badz1495812d ago

why should you be so cruel? I don't think they'll implement that kind of detail but it's fun to have the options, right?

Evolution is a very well known racing games studio and what they have done in Motorstom 1 was truly spectacular for a launch title! I remember that they are the one behind the WRC extreme game several years back on PS2 and that game was one hell of a fun game to play!

I'm highly impressed by the look of Pacific Rift and I'm sure this is going to be awesome!! forget Baja(who?), forget PURE(what?)...this is the definitive game the complete off road racing experience!!

RemmM5811d ago

From just the first time I've heard there will be another MotorStorm game, I've been excited! ^_^

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Playstation Man5812d ago

...my most wanted title on PS3, haha. Too many great games coming.

Silogon5812d ago (Edited 5812d ago )

If ever a game needed custom music is is Motorstorm. Some of the worst, if not the worst, music ever heard by the human ear. It is litterally ear infection waiting to happen.

here's a snipt for you all:

I don't care
I don't care
I don't ..... care
I don't care
I don't care
I don't..... care

You can breath or you can bleed or you can take it between the knees

I don't care
I don't care
I don't care
I don't... care

you can see me jerking off, in my sleep and around the clock I don't stop until I have shot

but ...

I don't care
I don't care
I don't care
i don't... care

Cause I take it the shorts and smoke all your joints, play $#*TY music just to annoy

I don't ... care.

That is one song from Motorstorm. Just to let you all in on what you're not missing.

Whoooop5812d ago

I think we need to erase the AI all over again.... Patriots are messing you up.

Microsoft_Spokesman5812d ago

Silicon D!ck, STOP, STOP, STOP, breaking down! You're just like a crapbox 360 except a 360 is useful (heater).

PoSTedUP5812d ago

what a waste of letters silogon.

Ali_The_Brit5812d ago

only 2 bubbles left :) wont be long now

juuken5811d ago (Edited 5811d ago )


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The-Director5812d ago

16 tracks are much much better than the 8 tracks in the first one

if you play the game a lot , you will get bored fast with only 8 tracks

so doubling the number of tracks is a very smart move

nbsmatambo5812d ago

but if the quadrupled the tracks =o

PoSTedUP5812d ago

is that including the map pack? j/w

i was going to buy them but i didnt.

thebudgetgamer5812d ago


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