PlayStation Now Review, is it Worth it? [KKEnt]

Kuma wrote: I know that some of us wish that when a next gen system comes out they are fully backwards compatible. It would be nice to have four generations of console game possible on one system, but that comes with system issues that some of us can’t ignore. Thankfully there came a digital store to download those great titles and we could keep them, but keep in mind that you hard drive is limited. This was a problem for Xbox users, since the PS3 was able to upgrade the hard drive. Now that we have PlayStation Now which in the beginning I thought was a better downloading service for games that I already purchased on the PS3, but my ignorance didn’t last long as I did research and the release was coming closer. Now that it is here and with PlayStation Plus members have an option of a 7 day free trail, I took the opportunity.

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johndoe112111289d ago

Good God, PROOF READ!!!!!! Half that article made absolutely no sense what so every with all the bad wording and grammatical errors.

I don't use PS Now so can someone who does please confirm the claims in this article for me? He said that even if you pay for a subscription there are some games you still have to rent. I never heard anyone say this before, is this true? Does the subscription only cover certain games?

Dhampir1289d ago

Yes it's true, games in blue are part of the subscription.

KillerPwned1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

I did a trial and from what I remembered it covered all the games listed. So you had to pay no extra fees. You also don't need a really fast connection to stream. It has the potential for some consumers I was not one though that was really feeling it. Maybe after the library expands I will buy a subscription.

This was back in Feb so I can't say I'm 100% right.

kayoss1289d ago

I feel like readers should have an option to review a review.
I tried PS Now and i have to say that i was very impressed by it. As of now, PS Now is not for me because most of the games offered I've already played or own. However, once PS Now include all PS3, PS vita, PSone, Ps2 games. I can finally retire my PS3 and put away all my last gen games.

SavageKuma1288d ago

Proof Read. I will definitely do that, because I hate for you not to understand what so "every".

Side-note Yes the service is not all it promised.

SavageKuma1288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

@Johndoe11211 I am acting like a five year old? Okay lets analyze this for a moment. You are not a blogger, nor are you an English teacher obliviously, so what gives you the right to dictate anyone's grammar? There are constructive ways of voicing an opinion, but you decide to stoop to a behind the screen brave Baxter. Some understood and the ones that didn't I question their literacy skills. By what you just typed we call that a Contradiction. So in that, thank you again for taking the time to read the post and your opinion will be taken under consideration.

johndoe112111288d ago

Are you freaking serious???? How the hell did your editor even approve that article?? It is RIDDLED with horrendous grammatical errors and you're sitting there and defending it and saying that people who see those errors cannot read??? Jesus, What the hell is wrong with you??? Whatever dude, I really don't give a damn anymore. It's your article. I'm out.

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techrave1289d ago Show
DEEBO1289d ago

Think god for choosing what makes you happy because opinions can ruining so much.

Bloodborne 6.9,PlayStation now 2 out (100 games plus streaming )LOL ok whatever you say dude.

psplova1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

I think it could be worth it if you have a LOT of time to play games, which I don't, so.. Not for me unfortunately.. : (

Death1289d ago

I had no idea the PSNow subscription only included half of the games. That's pretty anti-consumer and not a tactic I expected from Sony. I don't remember customers asking for a subscription plan that covered half the games available. It would be very disappointing to subscribe only to find the games you want to play still required renting on top of the subscription plan.

I've never seen so many subscriptions on one device in my life. Want to play games? You can subscribe to unlimited games from half the catalog. Want to listen to music while playing these games? There's a subscription for that. Want to play these games with a friend? A subscription has that covered too. Getting tired of playing and want to watch TV, guess what? There's a subscription to turn your console into a cable box. Thankfully we still have a choice to not subscribe to all of these things, but the trend we are seeing this generation if pretty troubling and points to a future where this choice isn't available.

kayoss1289d ago

PS Now is in its infantry. It will only get better with bigger library as the developers from Sony reprogram the games to work. When i used PS Now, i streamed it through my PS Vita or my Sony TV. No need for my console (even if i wanted to, i cant. Wife is a PS4 hoarder).

Death1289d ago

I'm sure we will see more games on the service, the subscription only covers half of the games available on PSNow though. That is surprising.

94jdh1289d ago

@Kayoss: "PS Now is in its infantry"

has it joined the army! ;)

kayoss1289d ago

Sorry i meant to say "Infancy". typing on my phone sucks.

94jdh1289d ago

@kayoss - no need to apologise, thought that might be the case, but raised a smile!

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