whitbyfox553d ago (Edited 553d ago )

So it is true…

Definitely getting Plus Premium for the PS1 PS2 and PSP games. Can’t wait.

VenomUK553d ago

PS Plus Extra will have some older triple-A first party and third party titles like 'Death Stranding, God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Mortal Kombat 11, and Returnal'.

Miles Morales will be on the service 19 months after its first release so perhaps this gives an indication of the window that Sony's first-party games will turn up on it.

RaidenBlack553d ago

Jason Schreier & co. already explained what the Sony's PS Plus revamp was going to be when they broke the news way back in December.
Here's he reiterating it again:

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darthv72553d ago

Kind of disappointed and also not surprised.

S2Killinit553d ago (Edited 553d ago )

I love it. This way we can try out, choose to purchase, and if not play games about a year after (sooner even?)if we missed them. AND it does not affect the quality of the games produced. Its the perfect balance. We can protect the single player story driven games by allowing purchase based model to continue while getting the benefit of trying everything out before buying,and even get a chance to still play what we missed down the line.

Its awesome direction imo

ABizzel1553d ago

I think the service is an improvement for those who were using PS+ and PSNow, but it's not quite where it needed to be IMO based on where the competition is and what is to be expected at this point. They didn't need Day 1 AAA first party, but PS3 emulation / download should be there, the annual price is great but the monthly is off, EA Play????, and a few other things.

We'll see what the line-up looks like, and if any more changes come prior to June.

GrizzliS1987553d ago

$120 a year is chump change. I’m game.

TGGJustin552d ago

Isn't the fact that they mentioned the higher tier having God of War redundant since it's already in the PS+ Collection in the basic tier? Thought that was really silly.

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Rynxie553d ago (Edited 553d ago )

This is crap, anyone supporting this is clueless. Majority of PS3 games online functionality was shutdown, you're paying to play the single player only. They need to reactivate the online functionality. This is why I skipped ps now. Majority of my favorite PS3 games I played mainly the online. Also, why can't they do physical backwards compatibility? I understand their PS3 excuse, but ps1 and PS2? Now it makes sense why they keep shutting down psn store on older devices. I swear, I hate the fans that are hyping this up, this is BS. I owned every Sony home console/handheld, but I been getting tired of them since the PS4. Sony's censorship, hardware restrictions, and greed. I hope they learn another hard lesson real soon, like they did during their arrogant PS3 days.

Rynxie553d ago (Edited 553d ago )

Also, psplus is 59.99. psNow was 29.99. that's 89.98. I skipped it because PS3 was only cloud streaming and no online functionality. Psnow also had PS4 and PS5 games (I believe), and now they are charging you $100 for extra, and 119 for premium? That's a merger with a price hike and you get the same thing as before. Like I said before, the people hyping this up are clueless. This is why Sony is back to their arrogant ways. As I stated before, I hope they learn a hard lesson real soon.

That's a another skip for me.

SonyStyled553d ago

The same online functionality is available on the 360

sinspirit552d ago


When did PSNow go to $30? It used to be around $120 and then dropped to $60 annually many years ago. It was never $30. Even resellers don't sell that low.

Crows90552d ago

This is funny.

So you're complainijg about price when gamepass without gold membership is just as expensive as the extra version which gives you more.

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whitbyfox553d ago

In the article under Playstation Plus Premium benefits.

“ A catalog of beloved classic games available in both streaming and download options from the original PlayStation, PS2 and PSP generations ”

UnSelf553d ago

i have two years of ps+ already paid off. How do i take advantage of this?

darthv72553d ago

Im curious about that as well. I believe they should let you roll over into the closest price matched tier with the option to upgrade if you want.

Vizigoth04553d ago

Sounds like your PS+ subscription will be renamed to PS+ Essential and nothing will change for you.

JEECE553d ago

Yes I'm in a similar spot. I may not upgrade (it depends what PS1 and PS2 titles are available), but it would be nice if they have a system where you could upgrade what you have already paid for (Xbox has a system for this for upgrading Gold to GP Ultimate, I believe).

neutralgamer1992553d ago

Premium it is the ability to download ps2-3 games alone makes it worth it. I hope there is ability to buy those games outright with a discount if someone doesn't intend to keep the service long term

darthv72553d ago

downloading PS2 games is the same as it is now. Have they figured out how to play PS3 games locally on a PS4/5 because those may still be streaming.

JEECE553d ago

You can't download PS3 games, those are streaming. You can download PS1, PS2, PSP, PS4, and PS5 games that are part of the service, but not PS3 games.

porkChop553d ago

How is this a good thing? Literally all they've done is merge PS+ with PS Now. They can't even put in the effort to make PS3 games playable on PS5, you still have to stream them. No one subbed to PS Now before, people weren't interested. All they've done is change the name of the service and suddenly everybody wants it? Gamers are even more gullible than I thought.

Mr_Writer85553d ago


"Literally all they've done is merge PS+ with PS Now"

And added 400 PS4 and PS5 games to the service.

As well as adding PS1, PS2 and PSP games.

"They can't even put in the effort to make PS3 games playable on PS5"

Is it even doable? I mean if you KNOW it's possible then yes they lack effort...

But if it can't be done then it's simply a case of it can't be done nothing to do with effort (or lack of)

"No one subbed to PS Now before"

I was, just saying.

porkChop552d ago

PS Now already had over 700 titles though, including nearly 300 PS4 titles. PS2 titles were also already available. So basically they've removed some games to replace with PS5 games and add PSP/PS1 games. That's good, but it doesn't change the fact that this is just PS Now. It's not a new service.

As far as PS3 BC, yes it is absolutely possible. If MS could make 360 games playable on XBO through software BC, then Sony can absolutely make PS3 games playable on the PS5 with all its hardware advancements. Hell, on the Series consoles MS even added enhancements like 4K, 60fps, Auto HDR. Sony doesn't have to add enhancements, but they easily could have made the games playable locally. They've just chosen not to.

I know that some people subbed lmao. It was hyperbole. But PS Now only had about 2.5-3 million subs from what I remember. The service wasn't appealing to PS gamers so it really needed a bigger overhaul than this.

Outside_ofthe_Box552d ago

"The service wasn't appealing to PS gamers so it really needed a bigger overhaul than this"

What kind of overhaul do you suggest? Obviously Sony isn't willing to put 1st party titles on there day one yet so what else is there?

porkChop552d ago (Edited 552d ago )

That's a fair question. Maybe something like the Quests on Game Pass Ultimate. You complete daily, weekly, and monthly quests related to playing games on the service, and you get Microsoft Rewards points. Those points can be used to enter monthly giveaways, buy gift cards, and even pay for the service itself. Sony could even let you save up points to buy actual games and DLC.

Or how about deeper discounts for the games on the service and their DLC? As it stands, your just getting the same standard discounts as regular PS+.

Or something like the Perks on Game Pass Ultimate. They often give trials for different services. I got 3 months of YouTube Premium, a month of Disney Plus, 3 months of Discord Nitro, and just last week I got a month of Paramount+ so I can watch the new Halo show. They also give exclusive in-game skins, weapons, currency, etc. There's monthly packs for PSO 2, Halo, and tons of other games.

There are a lot of benefits to having Game Pass outside of the games themselves. Sony could have taken this opportunity to really add value and features for their customers. I think it's a shame that they didn't. They've just kind of done the bare minimum in my eyes.

Outside_ofthe_Box551d ago

Those are good points/ideas. Hopefully they can add some of those overtime to make the service more appealing

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moriarty1889553d ago

Sounds good. Looking forward to see more on this.