Project Abraham Update (16/07/08)

The Resistance 2 viral marketing website, Project Abraham, has been updated again. The update features a new video, and a new letter on the Blackout section of the site. The timer is still counting down, for an unknown reason

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Honor_in_Armor4524d ago

Towards the end of the Resistance 2 Trailer shown at Sony's Press Conference, a screen portraying Project Abrham flashed across the screen for 2/3rds of a second.

Nitrowolf24524d ago

yes i did and it flashes quick even going slow mo on my PS3 it quick

Vino4524d ago

Is Project Abrham a game???

Nitrowolf24524d ago

Project abrahan is Resistance
but now that i think about it who ever said this is resistance 2? is it possible its for the psp version now that its been revealed?

kingOVsticks4524d ago

looks so awesome when I saw how big that leviathan was my jaw dropped its going to be a good fall for video games but i may be in the minority for this but im more excited for LBP then R2 the possibilities are endless that presentation sony had was the best presentation I have ever seen and it was in a video game.

Overr8ed4524d ago

Does the new letter look dirtier than the older one. does this mean something?

crazyclown4524d ago

this is the mau=in character - 48hours to live from first teaser of r2

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