Fan-Made Unreal Engine 4 "Super Mario Galaxy" Project Gets Tech Demo, Download While You Still Can

DSOGaming writes: "A couple of days ago, we informed you about Super Mario 64 being recreated in the Unity Engine. As you may have guessed, Nintendo sent a C&D letter to the team, and took down the project. Now there is another similar project that aims to recreate Super Mario Galaxy in Unreal Engine 4, and there is an early tech demo for you to try."

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TheFallenAngel3340d ago

Wow Mario looks really good. Sucks Nintendo can't even do that for Mario.

Hanuman3340d ago

IMO, Mario doesn't need a state of the art engine. It does look nice though!

mikeslemonade3339d ago

Yep, Nintendo is too cheap to give us proper hardware.

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Khajiit863340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

Would be awesome if they made a Mario game that played like a 3rd person adventure game and had graphics like Skyrim. Its 2015 I would like to see some change.

garrettbobbyferguson3340d ago

I don't think many people who actively like Mario would want the change you proposed.

Khajiit863340d ago

I understand. I am a long time Mario fan since NES. Mario games are amazing the way they are and that change most likely will never happen. I wouldn't mind a realistic version of Mario. First person Mario would be pretty cool too.

guitarded773339d ago

You can't change the Mario universe drastically like that... it wouldn't be a Mario game anymore. It would be more interesting if Nintendo made a new IP with realism.

big_dom_part_23340d ago

Do what for Mario? Have a trail of glitch come out his arse as he runs and jumps? Or have him smeared from head to toe in vaseline? I have to laugh at people who say professionals at big developers can't do as good as a job as modders.

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darthv723340d ago

Nice but galaxy is spherical. I will see this as the continuation of the Mario 64 unity but using UE4 instead.

XisThatKid3340d ago

Um, there are def flat areas in Gal, plus that is where they got the base and infrastructure of the tech from just using UE4 middleware

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Maul_T_Pass3340d ago

Do you want to get a C&D? Because this is how you get a C&D...

ChickeyCantor3340d ago

You can't sue for creative common. He isn't making money out of it.

OmegaShen3340d ago

But Nintendo did go after the person that made the first level of Mario 64 HD.

Maul_T_Pass3340d ago

Doesn't matter if he's making money or not. It's Nintendo's IP. They've done it in the past and earlier this week they shut down a Mario 64 unity project. So, if you are going to do something like this FINISH IT FIRST, then give it out.

rainslacker3340d ago

I think as of right now it's a tech demo. If he did the mario model himself, and isn't making money off this, then he should be alright. If he plans on remaking the whole game, or even just a level, then it falls into the category of copyright infringement.