Resistance 2 Countdown, but for what?

A timer has been placed on the viral marketing page for Resistance 2, Project Abraham. The timer (as of writing) has 7 day, 17 hours and 53 minutes remaining. Perhaps the time left until the next site update? A link has also been added linking directly to the blackout page of the site, it is hyperlinked to the logo from the original game, which is also seen on the top of Dr. Cassie Aklin (blonde girl). All we can do, is stay tuned.

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sonanus4519d ago

This is a countdown to it's announced release on the 360.

AlterEgo4519d ago

Perhaps I should edit my comment before I get disagreed into oblivion.


chaosatom4519d ago

learn to read people before agreeing.

Polluted4519d ago

Lol. That's going to be annoying. He even has the same avatar. I think it's just old school sonarus in disguise. He's been wanting a copy cat of his own for some time now.

sonarus4519d ago

Haha this motha fvker is doin me proud.:D

badz1494519d ago

almost got me there!! sonarus, you should be proud! I'm going to be extra carefull now of those 'r' or 'n'! btw, he's more 'anus' then the original one! :P

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hanson5204519d ago

IF Resistance 2 release on the 360 YOU WILL SEE GEAR OF WAR2 Multiplat

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The story is too old to be commented.