6 Bizarre Battlefield Hardline Glitches

"Battlefield Hardline is out now for consoles and the PC, and like its predecessors, it's actually kind of buggy!"

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ImHyjack1303d ago

The game is a blast bugs or not most fun I have had in awhile with lots of LOL moments. So hate if you want I'm going to play it and enjoy with my buddies.

JoeMcCallister1303d ago

Not giving credit to the video creators featured is a little shady, two of the glitches are actually the same glitch, and the comedy was a little off for my taste but meh.

Personally can't stop playing the game but have only seen the dead enemies not disappear a few times as it seems like something with the physics not throwing the model to the ground so it just holds in the air - I'd imagine that'll get patched but otherwise the game has been pretty solid in my experience.