Battlefield Games of the Decade Ranked (2010-2019)

Battlefield games ranked by MP1st! Here's a full ranking of every mainline Battlefield game released this decade from 2010-2019!

Sophisticated_Chap1427d ago

I didn't bother with BF: Hardline (outside of the beta), BF1 or BF5, but as for the rest, I would have put Bad Company 2 in the top spot, followed by BF3 and then BF4. I thought BF3's single player campaign was far better than BF4's, but otherwise, I put BF3 & 4 on a level footing. Funny enough, I've been putting in quite a few hours into BF3 over the last month on PC, and it has been really fun!

Nitrowolf21427d ago

yeah BC2 would be my top spot also, game just got so much right

yoshatabi1427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

Yup. BC2 is at the top for me too. And I just started doing the same thing!! Downloaded BF3 on my PC. Been having a blast recently

isarai1427d ago

BF4,1,V may have better tech and be closer to the original BF games but none were nearly as fun as BFBC2 for me. From class balance, to gun sound design, and even the campaign BFBC2 is just head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to a great experience imo.

Felix_Argyle_Catbro1427d ago

1. Battlefield 3
2. Battlefield Bad Company 2

1427d ago
excaliburps1427d ago

There's no wrong answer for me when it comes to that. I mean, BC2 or BF3 are both top-tier. We "only" got five BF games this gen made by DICE, which isn't much, but I hope we get that kind of quality next time.

gamesftw2501427d ago

Definitly. spent a ton of hours with BF3

ssmilloy361427d ago

didn't bf3 take a year to work? or was that bf4?

knickstr1427d ago

That was BF4. It worked, it was just laggy and buggy.

ssmilloy361420d ago

I'm talking wouldn't load into the game broke

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Battlefield Legacy - Sunsetting Announcement

EA: "As we close in on 15 years since the release of Battlefield 1943, and Bad Company™ 1 & 2, we are announcing that their journey is coming to an end."

darthv72251d ago

This reminds me... I have ME on my PS3 hdd. Never really played it, but it was free.

XiNatsuDragnel251d ago

Digital future ppl is good they say nope imo

Eidolon251d ago

And it still says nothing about being able to downloaded even when it's off the storefront, that's a huge ouchie for some who somehow still have it in their backlog...

Shane Kim251d ago

Dont make it an issue when it's not. If you haven't played it in 15 years, chances are you'll never play it.

isarai251d ago

That all digital future sure looks great!