Tekken 7 Officially Released in Japan and it Looks Great: Here Are 86 Pictures Directly from Tokyo

Tekken 7 has been available for about a month in a limited version in Japanese arcades, but today it was finally released officially in its full glory, and the game really looks great.

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Tetsujin3386d ago

Can't wait to play this at Evo.

Moldiver3386d ago

I cant wait to beat people up on tekken. As kazuya of course. Kazuya is the best fighter in tekken. And I am the best at tekken. Its a match made in heaven.

The new graphics will make the beatings I give to people seem more intense at 1080P.

Why o why3386d ago

I thought 1080p was of no benefit /s

I need some tekken.

Moldiver3386d ago

its isnt of any benefit BUT..... Im just thinking of all those people who get concerened about it. seeing as they like it so much I shall beat them in 1080P. I will rough them up in the corner with kazuya. They wont know whether to fight back or marvel at the rez.

Tekken, and fighting games, in general always puts in the mood for a little pre fight hype/banter...So... 'why o why', lets me and you fight on the new tekken. Mano el mano. Do you think you are hard enough, bro? Can you face the mighty moldiver in 1 V 1 digital combat? You say you need tekken but I think you need a beat down on tekken. I can sense you are itching to fight me on tekken. And Ill do it to ya, all over your face on tekken! :)

And testujin...with a name like that you MUST like fighting games. Ill rough you up! right after why o why!

Im going to set up an N4G tourney when this comes out. The five people who dissagreed with my last post better show up at my official N4G-Tekken tournament. Im servin kicked ass. Come get some!

Ill even buy it on PC, XBox and PS4 just to show how dominant I can be on tekken.

Why o why3386d ago

Fighting Talk. ......lol

MadMenX3386d ago

franchise is washed out, doesnt have the clout it once did.

camel_toad3386d ago

I always liked street fighter and soul calibur better even back in tekkens peak years. It was ok but lame character designs combined with floaty combat turned me off.

camel_toad3386d ago

It was really just me speaking out of ignorance. Ive been going by what fighting games I hear most about and Tekken really hasnt been one of them. I just assumed it wasnt as popular as it once was.

MadMenX3386d ago

Dont apologize, your thoughts are correct, per usual the people commenting are fans, what they dont realize many once were as well, and no longer are.

They they lack tolerance of views that arent theres.

q8kik3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

Both T6 and MK9 sold about 4 million copies.(Note that T6 isn't available on PC)

Along with SF and SSB these are the top four fighting games.

So what are you talking about ?

Tekken is still going strong.



I was talking about sales

KwietStorm_BLM3386d ago

You say SSB is one of the top fighters but don't mention MvC?

pivotplease3385d ago

SSB is great, but it really is its own genre of fighting game when compared to the others. Where's my Bloody Roar at anyway? Those games were so fun.

DarthBigE3386d ago

is this arcade only? or is it coming to consoles soon?

Mikefizzled3386d ago

It is coming to consoles but any information more is fake as Harada avidly tweets. No confirmed platforms or dates.

ion6663386d ago

no Lei Wulong no buy .Period, He's my main since Tekken 2 and I'm pretty sure he didn't die.

Vanfernal3386d ago

I'll be disappointed if this is the final roster. No Lee, no buy!

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garos82252d ago

losers with nothing better to do in their pathetic pointless lives.

Vengeance1138252d ago

A strong case for legal murder. Activist lives don't matter.