Star Wars: Battlefront 2015 – 9 Most Believable Rumours You Need To Know

WC: The developers over at DICE have already demonstrated their skill to make fun, online multiplayer a reality with their highly lucrative Battlefield series, and if these rumours are anything to go by the same could definitely be said of their version of Battlefront.

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Aspyr Allegedly Used A PC Mod To Add Xbox Exclusive Content To SW Battlefront Classic Collection

Aspyr Media Inc allegedly used a fan-made PC mod to add previously Xbox exclusive content to Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection.

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XiNatsuDragnel8d ago

Aspyr if we sell hotcakes get that code from radical or something and create battlefield 3 please

Becuzisaid6d ago

I thought that was kind of obvious they were incorporating mods to piece this game together. Maybe not, but that's made me worried about one thing:

They also planned on adding the modded ending to KOTOR 2 but were legally blocked from doing so, even after they advertised that to help sell preorders for the game on Switch. Could the same happen with this? Any opponents have 3 weeks to bring down the hammer.

GoodGuy096d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Wish these games would just get remakes.

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Battlefront 2015's PC Community Pleads for Action Against Persistent Server Issues and Hackers

Delve into the server challenges facing 'Star Wars: Battlefront 2015' players, as the community rallies for solutions and seeks EA's intervention.

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The Golden Age of Star Wars Gaming: Exploring the Iconic Titles of the Early 2000s

Explore the unforgettable era of Star Wars video games in the early 2000s with "The Golden Age of Star Wars Gaming"

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gurp352d ago

love all of the classic star wars games

The3faces352d ago

Had a blast playing Kotor when it first released can't wait for the remake to drop.

Terry_B352d ago

urgh..that website design is as ugly as possible. bad colors.