Quantum Break's Rumored Delay May Have Been a Troll; Taleteller Changes Twitter Account

Yesterday Twitter user @Dae_Jim posted that Xbox One Exclusive Quantum Break was likely to be delayed until 2016. Since the tweet came from an account that described his function as Dutch Community & Social Media coordinator at Microsoft the tweet was a good sign that the title could indeed have been delayed.

Now it would seem Dea_Jim has changed his Twitter Profile, deleted the Tweet and send out a new Tweet stating he doesn't work for Microsoft. Also Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg confirms he "has never heard of the guy".

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christocolus2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Trolls posing as MS employees now? This is hilarious. Lmao.. XD

BartMoons2757d ago

How to cause an uproar!

christocolus2757d ago

Lol. Its hilarious

“After he changed his Twitter Account : ‘Doing several gaming related stuff, big knowledge for #Xbox ”.

Everyone wants to be an insider. Hopefully we get a release date soon.

bleedsoe9mm2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

@christocolus still hoping this will be a summer game .however i still think this game would make allot of sense if its was in february then a gears collection in march and a rare game in april or may

Gazondaily2757d ago

Well here's hoping it was a fake. I want QB! Another year and it will kinda dilute my excitement for it. Also, if it does't come out this year, MS need to make sure they have something in the pipeline to replace it to bolster this year's lineup.

BartMoons2757d ago

Gotta love screenshots ey :)

2757d ago
EvilWay2757d ago

I don't think it will be delayed I actually think it will come out a few weeks after e3

Atleast I am hoping :)

DarkOcelet2757d ago

"Aaron Greenberg didn’t deny the delay either in the tweet mentioned above."

I am pretty sure he can easily say whether its delayed or not.

LordMaim2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Really. Normally if there's even rumor of a delay on a game that is highly anticipated, you'll see developers or executives leap to clarify. This non-denial isn't encouraging.

Quantum Break looked like an interesting experiment the last time we saw it, though I wish they'd ditch the TV show integration and just make the game. Cross-media experiments like this have never worked before and the video shown at E3 2013 didn't look like the show was going to change that. Remedy always delivers though, so the game itself should be good.

Fro_xoxo2757d ago

I'm really looking forward to QB. I hope it isn't delayed..

I'd love a summer release.. I don't mind a late 2015 release..

But.. please.. don't push it to 2016. ^_^.

christocolus2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Let's hope its released this year but if pushing it into next year results in a better game then im ok with that too. I'd rather suffer a delay than play a broken game at launch. QB is too high up my most anticipated games list to end up broken at launch. Remedy wouldn't want that either.


That would help reassure fans. Let's see what happens.the week is still young.hopefully we will get some official info on the matter soon.

BartMoons2757d ago

If only Remedy would send out an update now and then the assure the fans. Haven't heard anything in ages.

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