Whatever Happened To The Dark Sorcerer?

Quantic Dream impressed everyone with this tech demo back at E3 2013 but since then, we haven't heard much about it. Maybe fresh news this year...?

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Abash2759d ago

It was just a tech demo, probably has very little to do with Quantic Dreams actual PS4 game

johndoe112112759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

You know what's hilarious? Neither Sony nor quantic dream ever said this was a game or a future game. That Idea was placed in everyones head by game sites creating rumours and pandering for clicks. Now, they're gonna start criticising Sony for not developing a game they said was a tech demo in the first place in order to create more clicks. Where will it end?

BitbyDeath2759d ago

Yep, just a tech demo.
As was "The Casting" and "Kara".

AngelicIceDiamond2758d ago

@John Eactly. It was just a tech demo showcasing the level of detail and graphics the PS4 will be able to pull off.

The Killzone, Drive Club and Order 1886, Infamous Second Son is only the beginning of what PS4 will pull off, graphically.

Quantic Dreams game will make you question reality itself when they show off their new project.

Thantalas2758d ago

Sony and Quantic Dreams repeatedly said, on stage and in interviews, that it was not a game but purely a demo.

bouzebbal2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

GOD!!! it's unbelievable how ignorant media is..
when did quantic dream ever say this is taken from a game?
We have FF7 remake syndrom all over again.. people hype things by lying so keep believing. And even if this gets released, same trolls will call it movie not a game.
tech demo and game aren't necessary the same thing. i'm still waiting for FF6 on N64
repeat after me: TECH....DEMO

360ICE2758d ago


Well, "The Casting" used a character and environments from Heavy Rain and they casted for a production called "Heavy Rain", so that's not really much of an example.

But yes, they apparently did the same with Kara.

badz1492758d ago

Whatever happened to the approval system? why even approved this crap?

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Walker2759d ago

Nothing, that just was a tech-demo

Summons752758d ago

Funny how they say that in the article too but then rant about them not talking about it. People REALLY need to learn what a tech demo is. Too many times have they shown off a tech demo and people think it's a game: Final Fantasy 7 HD, Final Fantasy 8 ps2, The Zelda tech demo, now this. It just shows the incompetence of some people. This is exactly what we've been saying when they showed off the new zelda and people went "What about the other Zelda you guys announced" and Final Fantasy 7 "Why announce a HD remake of Final Fantasy 7 of you won't make it". Tech-demos are tech-demos, nothing more.

Iltapalanyymi2758d ago

This is like, the third time i see an article like this.

no, its not a game, its a tech demo.

Viryu2758d ago

Tech-demo or not, I kinda liked the idea if it were a game.

MasterCornholio2758d ago

He quit his job.

Thats what happened to the dark sorcerer.

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