Shu Yoshida: Games Like The Last of Us Will be More Impactful on PS4; Will Cross the Uncanny Valley

Sony Computer Entertainmeent Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida is is never afraid to show his enthusiasm and passion for gaming, and he talked about some of the gaming trends that most excite him.

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ZodTheRipper1869d ago

Uncanny valley is a good word to describe the current situation in gaming. We will probably reach true photo realism in 3-5 years and I'm sure these consoles will be able to display that. Of course, PC's are able to do it already but gaming always evolved by the pace of consoles so the true "next gen" experiences will be primarily available on these consoles. First Party content will again play a huge role this generation.

MysticStrummer1869d ago

I don't see these consoles ever achieving true photo realism unless the environment is extremely limited. Most PCs aren't able to do it now.

As for TLoU, I get why Sony is doing it but I'd rather see older games upgraded than one I played just last year.

ZodTheRipper1869d ago

Well then you're in for a surprise, here's a few examples
That's pretty close to "photo-realistic" and it's at the start of the generation. As the consoles mature, the memory pool increases and devs get accustomed to the hardware you can bet your boots that this will be improved even further.

JP13691869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

zod -
That's not even close to photo real and the amount of power it takes to get "real" lighting to run in real time is an order of magnitude more than the best graphics cards on PC put out today. True photo realism is a hell of a lot more than 3-5 years away.
You really sound like you don't have a clue what you're talking about when you mention the consoles even threatening to cross the uncanny valley this gen. Optimization won't ever push them beyond their sub 2 TF capabilities.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1869d ago

Dude some PlayStation exclusives look better and some as good as PC games. Uncharted 3,TLOU, InFamous SS, and from what we seen of The Order 1886 look better than anything I've seen on PC. And games like Shadow Fall and Ryse look as good as some PC games. I doubt we'll reach photo realism tho.

MysticStrummer1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

@Prince - "Dude some PlayStation exclusives look better and some as good as PC games. Uncharted 3,TLOU, InFamous SS, and from what we seen of The Order 1886 look better than anything I've seen on PC. And games like Shadow Fall and Ryse look as good as some PC games."

I was replying to what zod said : "PC's are able to do it (photorealism) already". I think his definition of photorealism differs from mine, and after reading various interviews from last year and this year that say photorealistic gaming might be possible in a decade or so, I don't think many in the industry would agree that we're already seeing it either.

Looking as good as a PC game is one thing. Photorealism is another.

Edit - Crossing the Uncanny Valley doesn't necessarily mean photorealism either.

1869d ago
Themba761869d ago

I didn't play it last year. I was on 360.

tbone5671869d ago

Sony please. Less talk more action.

Vegamyster1869d ago


That's a baseball game, it does look good but its not a demanding environment.


We haven't really seen much of The Order 1886 other then screenshots and gameplay of a small fire fight in an alley.

"The Order 1886 look better than anything I've seen on PC"

Metro Last Light

Crysis 3 -

Star Citizen

Theantidote6191869d ago

It's genius on their part. Think of all the GOTY games that come out like Legendary Skyrim edition, borderlands GOTY, etc. people bought playstation 3's just for this game. Now those xbox users who jumped ship also have a chance to play it as well. Not saying I wouldn't mind seeing some older games redone like Resident Evil 2, Final fantasy 7-8-9, Chrono Cross, Breathe Of Fire, Dino Crisis, and so many others but The Last Of Us is a must play for any gamer.

incredibleMULK1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

yeah i can see it now ps4 version god of war saga
uncharted trilogy,
jack and jester,
sly cooper.
ratchet and frank,
resistance triology,
killzone 1-3
all other exclusives,

ps5 is born, repeat cycle, yay.

Im still gonna buy them though, well not the cartoony shit. I hope they remake infamous 1 and 2 with the new engine. But most of all.....i want mafia 3 and on as long as they can if they can make FIFTY.....I am sooo there! love that series. Same with crysis, I love that series too.3 platinums, infamous... platinums. mafia 2 platinum.

Ozmoses1868d ago

I'll get it eventually. But, I would honestly rather ND create a whole new IP that could be just as good or better than TLOU.

I think that could be why some of the ND people have left recently.. They don't like the idea of pushing all the re-hashs on PS4, they want to make new ideas and new games.

I'll probably get it day 1 regardless, because that's the gamer inside of me. But, a new game would be 10 times better.

Farsendor11868d ago

yeah, the systems arent that powerful maybe 2018 or 2019 we will have new systems that really pushes and competes with high end hardware.

Prime1571868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

Sony had hinted at crossing this hurtle... it was obviously important to them as their first party studios have been silent.

Research: ICE team.


I'll just refer you to

And how does tbone have 3 agrees and 10 disagrees on his troll statement that has well said? Oh right, psn4g did that. /s

(Btw, I've been on a campaign that this sight has a decent balance of fanaticism with the bubbles compared to other sites) I can name an off-site fanboy for each fanboy anyone names...


Lord_Sloth1868d ago

It's ignorant to say they will never get photo realism without a limited environment. PC will hit it 1st to be sure but consoles will hit it as well and as tech rises so too so consoles get stronger.

I remember XBox Magazine talking about how Splinter Cell would never be on the PS2 due to how weak it was.

I remember TES fans saying that consoles would never be able to run a TES game yet I had Morrowind for my XB.
I remember PC fans harping about how consoles would never be able to handle Crysis.

Never say never. A quality programmer can make anything happen.

masterfox1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

PS3 already achieving photo-realism in some games, I definitely agree in Shu on this one, also check the images the user post on this comments. ;)

ZodTheRipper1868d ago

And some more examples of photo realistic graphics, now from a Neogaf User with Skyrim

So please don't tell me it's not possible, I was talking about 3-5 years from now.

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sonarus1869d ago

@zod can you point me to any photo realistic games on pc. I thought crysis was graphics king on pc and as good as it looked still not photo realistic to me maybe i missed something you can point out.

Last of us is a very good game that some are yet to play. However, Last of us 2 on ps4 in my opinion isn't necessary. The PS3 version already looked and played great. The game was designed to max ps3 strengths and it does that very well. Simply making the game 1080p and 60fps isn't good enough to me. Sure the 1080p is nice but i am not too sure this is a game that will benefit from 60fps. I could be proven wrong though

I_am_Batman1869d ago

We won't reach true photo realism anywhere soon. It's very possible that we won't reach it at all. The problem with photo realism is that it take a much bigger step in hardware to make an equally big step towards photo realism.

So if it needs ten times more powerful hardware to get from seventy to eighty percent photo realism it'll take a hundred times more powerful hardware to get from eighty to ninety percent next time (Those numbers are completely made up but you get the idea).

The reason for that is that with better graphics we start noticing more details an when something is not right it's immediately apparent. That makes it almost impossiblle to ever reach true photo realism.

CryofSilence1868d ago

I guess it all depends on your definition of photo realism. Personally, I don't think even big budget films have reached photorealism with their CG, and they have farms of rendering machines. You can almost always pick out CG from real footage.

tucky1868d ago

Ouch, the end of videogames is so close ?

I play games to escape from reality ... photo realism is so disgusting.
polyphony's director was so proud to annouce a GT 5 more beautiful than reality... and he succeded. what's the interest to see dust, dirt on cars ? just to be photo realist ????

developers could produce so much better games without that stupid trend to photo realism

Tontus1868d ago

We are not even close to photo realism in games, maybe in 20 years the PS7 will be able to achieve such fidelity.

ZodTheRipper1868d ago

So this is "not even close to photo realism"?
And that's done on a 6 year old game. If you disagree, please show me your definition of photo realism. Of course we're not there yet but we are definately close.

lesrima881868d ago

consoles and photo realism??lmao thanks for the laugh...

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randomass1711869d ago

That's interesting. I never really got uncanny valley from TLOU. They stylized it in a way that looks real without looking too real. Kind of like a maturely drawn anime. The updated visuals can only help, I think.

serratos271869d ago

Definitely. Sometimes facial animation throws me off in video games, but in TLOU everything just felt right. Honestly I can't imagine a better looking game, so I'm stoked to see what they got in store for us graphically.

randomass1711869d ago

I don't think they used any facial motion capture either. Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't the bodies mocapped by the voice actors and then the faces were animated by hand later?

CrossingEden1869d ago

Naughty Dog only uses hand keyed facial animation. Imo it makes some of the scenes look off, go back and watch the scene where Ellie saves Joel and watch her face as she says "I shot the hell out of that guy huh." It's really off.

DeletedAcc1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

first ps4 games (U4, Order86 for example) will reach cgi-level
last ps4 games (TLOU2 for example) will reach photo-realism

tucky1868d ago

cgi-level is so pure and so much better compared to photo realism.
when I want some photo realism, I stop playing and go out fo a walk. when playing videogames I'm expecting developers to make me dream and escape from reality

Tontus1868d ago

PS4 games can reach early 2000 CGI, maybe, but it will not reach photo-realism.

Look at Monsters Inc from 2001 I haven't seen anything on PS4 look as good yet, maybe later games will be at a comparable level.

TheFallenAngel1869d ago

I was hoping for more weapons and gameplay but it already is a masterpiece.

randomass1711869d ago

Free DLC can't be beat either. It may as well be a GOTY edition with better visuals. :)

The_Truth_24_71869d ago

Good thing I held off on getting it when it came out.

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