AAA Games Need to Stop Being So Serious

Some of the best games of the last five years are climactic treks through fantasy worlds or adrenaline-drenched firefights atop expansive war fields. These games have been widely regarded as poignant examples of design, presentation and popularity, ways to sell systems and define their respective generations. They have earned the title of “AAA.” But among this sea of military shooters, adventurous expeditions, and fantastic journeys across metropolises, AAA games have steadily become purely serious affairs. They are emotionally gripping and tension building, but they rarely offer a legitimate, effort-infused laugh. It comes down to this: AAA games just aren’t funny anymore and that’s a serious problem.

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ValKilmer3733d ago

I totally agree with this. I miss the days of whimsy from video games that simply let you forget your troubles and lose yourself in a better world.

kazuma9993733d ago

Bring back DESTROY ALL HUMANS fav video games thats not so serious.

Dr_Yo3732d ago

Lmao hell yes! I loved using the anal probe in the second one

combatcash3733d ago

Pick up a wii u, quality family games. They still know what they are doing.

kazuma9993732d ago

Got a wii u too ;) and waiting on X to come out :O so excited for that game.

3-4-53733d ago

I just got a Wii U and I'm loving the just pure fun games I've been playing.

I spent all last gen on the 360 playing serious and boring FPS games n such but I realized I've just been missing games that are pure fun.

* Wii U kind of remind me of the N64 in ways.

I think AAA dev's should go more for Art Style than graphics, like Nintendo does, but because it will be on something like a PS4, the graphics will still be amazing, but more appealing to look at and much cleaner.

KonsoruMasuta3733d ago

I don't think AAA should stop being serious, sometimes that's what I want. There should be more game that don't take themselves seriously though

SamPao3733d ago

jop pretty much this.
I really didn't like LBP2's story as it was waaaaaaay too dark. the first one was better, at least in my opinion.
But I don't want all games to be funny and yeah...

SixtyNine3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

I agree. These days, game-play takes a back seat for set pieces, and cinematic experiences. I would give a few examples but I don't want folks to get their panties in a twist. :D

DCfan3733d ago

Totally agree, and i also agree on your "examples". *wink wink*

Hicken3732d ago

I disagree, and fail to see the correlation between what you say, and AAA games being too serious.

Dark113733d ago

Not for me i enjoy serious AAA games.
in fact one of the reasons why i didn't enjoy the uncharted games it because it wasn't dark/serious enough. (like the last of us)

Locknuts3733d ago

A good balance is nice. That's why buying a Wii U was like a breath of fresh air. PC + Wii U it is for me this gen until ND actually release something. Then I'll consider a PS4.

SixtyNine3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

That's a good idea. I'm considering the same set up. . but, my mind fluctuates thus I've no new gen console yet. PC is definite. I just need to decide which new gen console will accompany my PC. In time. .

Locknuts3733d ago

It's all about the exclusives. Take your time and see which console is pumping out the best exclusives. There's plenty to play on the PC for now.