The Order: 1886 is now only £29.99, that's more like it

Dealspwn: "The Order: 1886 is gorgeous, short and barely interactive in parts, but at least you can now get a copy for £29.99 on PS4.

The Order: 1886 is visually astounding throughout, but the actual game is crushingly average -- and that's when it lets you play it! That said, the shooting sections are fun and the Thermite Rifle is superb. Brendan reckons that the level of detail elevates what could have been a terrible game into one that's worth checking out so long as the price is low enough. £29.99 is a good start. "

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Whirlwind_Fanfare_083386d ago

Damn! we need that kind of deal here in the US.

Ch1d0r13385d ago

At the 20-30 dollar range this game is a 10 out of 10 all day, well at least for 6-8 hours.

GMR_PR3385d ago

If I can get it for 20 i'll buy it.

Crimzon3385d ago

It seems like it should have been priced similarly to the downloadable releases you see from developers such as Telltale Games. They offer similarly short games with limited interaction and a focus on story, and they also don't charge $60 for them. Sony probably should have released The Order as a $15-$20 downloadable game, I doubt people would have felt as ripped-off if that had been the case.

I think it's a similar situation to Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, but even then I think Konami had the sense to ask $40 rather than $60, which people still considered to be a steep asking price for what was being offered.

Nothing wrong with shorter games really, just price them accordingly rather than expecting people to pay $60.

ninsigma3386d ago

I think the only reason it should ever have been this price is because it had only one mode.

Blues Cowboy3386d ago

Nah, I'm fine with SP only games and I gladly pay top-dollar for quality solo-only experiences. As an example, Max Payne 2 and Panzer Dragoon Orta were both short, but they were both superb and worth replaying multiple times.

The Order just should have been better, not longer.

ninsigma3385d ago

Well then you'll get your moneys worth :)

gamerfan09093386d ago

This game is going to get slashed pretty quickly. It had one good week and then people stopped buying it and the gamestop returns were enormous.

thekhurg3386d ago

AKA 90% of video game releases.

pivotplease3386d ago

So true. I hate returning games personally. Even when they suck (like CoD 3 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance). I like to just keep a collection handy. I often go back through my library alot.

dcj05243385d ago

No. Call of duty, dragon ball, far cry sold very well in their second week

nix3385d ago

I think this generation I'll be collecting digital versions. It's a tad cheaper on PSN. With the external hd support coming up i think i won't mind digital versions.

thekhurg3385d ago


Cool, you mentioned three games, I bet they fall within the 10% of games that weren't part of my statement.

Or when you read 90% did you just instantly assume that 90% = 100%?

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NeverHeavyMan3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

Seems like a premature assessment, for sure. I wasn't even aware of the second week's sales. Also, I'd like to know how one finds GameStop's return figures (outside of anecdote).

OT: Nah, I'm fine with the $60 I paid for it. I still haven't completed the game, but it has, thus far, been the best title I've played all year (right next to Life Is Strange: Episode 1).

Value is in the eye of the beholder (yep, exactly like beauty), so if one feels he shouldn't have to pay $60 for a single player-only game, so be it. I'm from the 80's. These types of games were a dime-a-dozen, and many of them weren't very long, either. However, the prices were no different (in fact, games were once MORE than the $60 you pay today).

Edward753385d ago

I can't speak for any other district outside of the one I work at (retired navy,working part time for the discount) but of all the AAA titles released on any of three consoles, the order got traded in faster than any. Within one week,we had 5-10 at any given time 5 days after. I worked the release morning, it sold well. When I went in after that we had more used than dying light,evolve,any Nintendo Wiiu release, halo mcc,nba15,evil within,sunset overdrive,Fifa,and many older games. It's not a testament to the quality of the game, but to the fact that it has little replay value. I can see this having a major drop in price sooner rather than later.

like I said this is only in my area, Milwaukee/northern Chicago. So it might not be true in other areas, but it sure seems like it.

NeverHeavyMan3385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )

@ Edward: Well, that was my point. Anecdote doesn't really dictate anything. My GameStop, for example, has had very few trade-ins, but quite a few had picked it up. This isn't really much difference to many other games that release here, either. If anything, Call of Duty is often the franchise with our highest trade-in rate.

sprinterboy3385d ago


We don't even know week 1 sales yet, nevermind week 2 sales dropping off lol, granted I think this game may suffer from pre owned purchases buy I still think life time sales will push 2 million which is good for a new ip.

Master-H3385d ago

Nah, the sales figures for it are still unknown.

What's enormous, is the amount of bullshit info on PlayStation exclusives that you regularly pull straight out of your ass; Now that's enormous !

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from the beach3386d ago

Still over £40 on Amazon.. I'm in no hurry..