The Order 1886 Can Unofficially Be Played in Full-Screen Thanks to a Mod

Ever wish you could play The Order 1886 without the letterboxing? Well seems like you can now, that is if you own a hacked PS4.

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ziggurcat520d ago (Edited 520d ago )

You don't need to hack anything, you can get the same full-screen effect by playing on a monitor that's 21:9...

kneon519d ago

or just change the zoom setting on your tv

curtain_swoosh519d ago

hows that better haha
if i switch from a .. i dunno 60 inch tv to a monitor thats not even half the size, thats an even worse end result ha.

ziggurcat519d ago

Never said it was "better" than a 60" TV. It's showing that you don't need to hack anything to be able to play the game in full screen mode. People keep forgetting that the black bars aren't a part of the image resolution, and it's no different than a movie having the same black bars - the moment you watch it on a screen that's formatted with the same aspect ratio as the film, those black bars aren't there. Same goes for this game.

eXclurel519d ago

"Don't use a free hack to play full screen. Just buy a new TV, stupid."

medman519d ago (Edited 519d ago )

Or, if you're fortunate enough to have a tv that let's you adjust the aspect ratio to your desire, you never have this problem with games, movies, or television programs.

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mastaleep520d ago

People still remember and play this game eh? With RAD gone this IP maybe dead forever.

roadkillers519d ago

Sony owns the Twisted Metal IP as well...

Come on, those games can't be that expensive to make.

HOLDERofFOOD519d ago

People always crap on this game but I thought it had a engaging story and great acting. Played all the way through with my brother and it was so cinematic we didn’t care who had the controller. Also some of the coolest, if not the coolest, werewolves I’ve seen in a game. Crazy how much flack it got for only being roughly 6 hours when most people don’t beat games that are longer than 10 hours these days. Super underrated and a shame it’s mostly forgotten.

CorndogBurglar519d ago (Edited 519d ago )

Getting flack for being 6 hours was only part of the complaints.

The AI was absolute garbage. Your team mates did nothing to help. The werewolves just charged right at you, then turned around, ran away, then just charged at you again. It was loaded with quicktime events, and there was only 2 bosses, which you fought mid-game, and again at the end as the end boss, but it was the same exact fight.

Everyone acknowledges it had an interesting world, story, and fantastic graphics. But those things alone don't make a good game.

kevinsheeks519d ago

I remember this game it felt like this was suppose to be their big moment and it didn't work out and they kind of just fell off to the side.

Lore519d ago

If they would just overhaul the gameplay loop and make it a more open world similar to Arkam Knight, this series could be amazing. Excellent cast of characters

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Einhander1971519d ago

It doesn't need to be open world FFS !!

neutralgamer1992519d ago

This IP has potential. It's done right with more content maybe an open world with deep RPG elements to diversify playing styles

Nitrowolf2519d ago

it should make a return TBH. Yeah it was short as hell and ended when it got good, but there is so much potential there. Give us a fully fleshed out story, expanded gameplay that isn't as linear.

Minute Man 721519d ago

The Order 1887 The Americas
Fighting Vampires and such, sh!t put Bigfoot in it, don't know how it would work thou

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