The Curious Case of The Order: 1886 - A Retrospective

Ready At Dawn cut their teeth developing spin-offs for PlayStation Portable and porting games to consoles. When they got a chance to establish their own with The Order: 1886, its poor critical reception ostensibly halted their trajectory. Can one middling game really sully one’s reputation in the eyes of Sony?

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moriarty1889785d ago

Wanted a sequel for this game so much. It was left wide open for one with the ending it had.

porkChop785d ago

Sony did file a new trademark a while back, so you never know. Though if I were to guess it would be a reboot rather than a sequel.

REDGUM785d ago

The Order was great from my playthrough and really enjoyed it. The same with Days Gone. Both, amongst others out there, deserve a follow-up. Anyone who actually played through the complete games knows there were hidden gems in and around these 2 games. Too many out there put too much faith in reviewer's opinions instead of thier own and get put off or join the hate bandwagon.
Seriously, gamers need to game & not read or view other people game with added opinions thrown in.
Honestly, if you haven't played either of these 2 games yet, do yourself a favour, pick it or them up, forget anything you know about them & just play it for yourself & create you're own opinions.

Ninver785d ago

I ignored the reviews and went straight to the store to but the game. Thoroughly enjoyed it I might add. If only Sony had the balls to summon enough faith to reboot or give us a sequel. Maybe even a prequel done right and make it a 3 part series. Wasted opportunity for a really different exclusive if you ask me.

barom784d ago

Days Gone is really an exceptional game though it feels like it took a bit of time for it to get interesting.

The Order 1886 was unfortunately not very good. Super beautiful game with beautiful cinematics but felt incomplete and don't really remember much happening at all in the game i.e. it was kind of bland. A sequel where they learned from their mistakes would be very intriguing though and I would have bought it.

monkey602784d ago

I loved Days Gone and I would have loved a sequel.

I didnt like The Order. There was enough there for me to give a sequel a chance if they improved on bits but I'm losing no sleep over the absence of it. I thought the 1st one was genuinely terrible for a multitude of valid reasons.

S2Killinit785d ago

I really enjoyed it. I was hoping for a game in the same world but less linear. With lots of that sweet lore.

YoungKingDoran785d ago

Yeah with the tech sorted and expanding on the existing assets, they could/should have been able to do a trilogy that gen. What happened..

moriarty1889784d ago

Agreed. Such an interesting title just abandoned. Makes no sense. As I said the ending of the game sets up for a sequel perfectly.

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porkChop785d ago

Incredible graphics and presentation. Great use of photo mode. A really interesting premise. The actual gunplay felt solid. The game just needed to be longer, and the levels could have been a bit less constrained. More enemy variety as well. At full price it just didn't have the value, at least in my opinion.

I would like to see a sequel or reboot, which I think is more likely. It would need to be a new dev as Ready at Dawn are part of Oculus now

robtion785d ago

I think Bluepoint could do a good job. They have the technical capability if Demon's Souls is anything to go by.

MeatyUrologist785d ago

Agreed. Because of all the bad reviews I waited until the end of last gen to buy it, but was really surprised. The only knocks against it were length and linearity. Really loved the visuals, atmosphere, story, and characters. The gunplay was actually really well done with unique and fun weapons.

You mentioned the photo mode, and this was one of the best examples I have seen. They actually allow you to add filters and modify the visuals in the photo mode, and then apply those to the game. I have never seen that before or since. I really wish more games would allow this. Give the users more control over how the game looks to cater it to their tastes.

uth11785d ago

This was a weird one in that the community hated the game but also demanded a sequel

SonyStyled785d ago

Because it’s literally a 5 hr game, yet had the same quality offering of the other AAA Sony games that are tens to hundreds of hours of gameplay.

I used a walkthrough trophy guide for the platinum to not miss any collectibles in one run, it took 8hrs. I thought it was actually a pretty great game, but always wonder why that level of game development didn’t continue for a 15hr single player campaign.

robtion785d ago

I'm part of the community and I loved it.

I think a lot of the hate was from people who didn't even play it jumping on the bandwagon. Clearly there was the usual hate from xbox fans but also from insecure PC players as the graphics were (still are) phenomenal.
The game is a flawed gem. A new entry on PS5 would have great potential (doubt it will happen though, Sony isn't into risk taking these days).

Eidolon785d ago

All the early hate was a people who haven't played it and were quick to call it a QTE game.

AuraAbjure785d ago

I'm an Xbox fan and I'm planning on getting a PS4 pro one day to play this game along with gravity Rush 2 and others.

coolbeans784d ago

-"I think a lot of the hate was from people who didn't even play it jumping on the bandwagon."

Can we please stop retreating back such tired defenses? It's had a heavily mixed reception ever since critics PLAYED the game back then, and justifiably so. Even trying to rope in "insecure PC players" just shows how shallow this view actually is.

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Shiore2u785d ago (Edited 785d ago )

Can't ever forget those terribly designed lycan fights.

ClayRules2012784d ago

Ugh, I love this game! But yes, those lycan fights were terribly designed, for real.

Overall though, solid gameplay.