PSN Deals: Big Discounts on Huge Games This Week on UK/EU PlayStation Stores

PP: This week’s PSN Deals are spectacular, amazing, and… surely there’s another way to hint that the fantastic Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4 is on offer, no?

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Nacho_Z873d ago

Sweet, I was just going to buy Ass Creed Odyssey today. Not that I was going to buy it off the store for £55 like a demented person but still over a fiver off from what I was going to pay.

Dark-soul872d ago

Its shit game, unless you have nothing better to do with your life 100h+

Nacho_Z872d ago

It's just something undemanding to play when I get a chance, also replaying Dark Souls 2 which is great but not exactly undemanding. I'm not expecting a lot from Odyssey just some nice scenery and a few skulls to crack.