Xenoblade Chronicles X director talks more about Soul Voice and dialogue

Two more tweets were added to the Japanese Xenoblade Chronicles X Twitter account today. In his latest messages, director Koh Kojima talks more about the Soul Voice battle feature and dialogue.

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DeusEx-Machina3324d ago

'Soul Voice'? Is that the main character? So does he speak a little in dialogues and cut-senses after all?

(Currently replaying the original XC, and I have a hard time to imagine how a silent protagonist could work, without compromising the story telling)

wonderfulmonkeyman3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

As explained in the recent trailer [which you can watch subbed, at the exact time they talk about Soul Voice, for your convenience here: http://youtu.be/_kh5V73XpwY... ] is the system used in the game during battle to heal, amongst other effects, by using a timing-sensitive button press to respond to the call-outs of your team-mates.
A similar system exists in the first game, though, IIRC, it only affects your tension and the party gauge, instead of being your source of healing.

Also, as the video explains, Soul Voice can be customized to do different things, perhaps even to function differently.

You can even set up the instances in which Soul Voice can activate for your various characters, which will allow you to better control the flow of battle and how often you can use Soul Voice to heal or perform various other effects for you.
Of course, you'll want to practice the timing of the button press for Soul Voice to get the most use out of it, so since you're playing the first game you've got that opportunity.

DeusEx-Machina3324d ago

Thx for the reply. Ok so 'Soul voice' does that.

I don't really watch any trailers anymore as I am terrible afraid of spoilers.

Is there any info on how story and cut-scene dialogues will be handled?

wonderfulmonkeyman3324d ago

Kinda unrelated, but I wonder what I've been saying to get that many downvotes?

Or is that just coming from a bunch of people that are still salty at me for something I've said in the past?
If that's the case, drop the grudge, kids. It's unseemly to stalk me just to downvote everything I say.

wonderfulmonkeyman3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

Before I answer that last question of yours, I'll be blunt with you; the storyline, outside of the fact that Earth is destroyed in the very beginning of the game which leads up to where the game takes place, isn't spoiled in the trailers.
All of the trailers so far only detail things like the various areas you'll explore and the different game mechanics and factions present, so you can watch them without fear of having the storyline ruined for you.

I highly recommend doing so; they'll explain things far better than I ever could here.

Now as to your last question, I'm not sure what you mean.
The storyline will take place via normal cut-scenes and dialogue between the various characters; there aren't, as far as I know, going to be any QTE cut-scenes like in RE 6. [You won't need to "hammer the buttons and wiggle the sticks".XD]

If you're talking about whether or not the main character gets a voice during cut-scenes, that's something I can't answer with complete confidence.
From what little we've seen, it seems he doesn't talk during cut-scenes.
However, as I stated up above, we haven't been given enough storyline cut-scenes to judge whether or not he never talks period in them or not.

Of the very very few cut-scenes we've witnessed, none of them give any solid information pertaining to the deeper bits of the storyline of the game.
Just the beginning parts and a couple of miscellaneous cut-scenes are detailed.
In other words it's extremely spoiler-safe.

If you're worried about it feeling off, though, there are other games where the storyline and relationships between characters progress just fine even with a mute main character, through text options outside of cut-scenes that allow the player to direct things.

I do have some interesting information, though, concerning the personality of the avatar.

Thanks to a translation done by someone recently, it seems you'll have some way of affecting the personality of your player-made avatar, which will in turn affect the kinds of lines he/she says during the Soul Voice in battle.

Quote: "Soul Voice, as thoroughly introduced during the Battle Presentation, will allow for lively battles, expanding on Xenoblade.
It was hard work coming up with character-specific dialogue for the 20 avatar voices + the set sub-characters, in addition to the audio recording of all of it which was also an effort.
...Yes, the Soul Voice dialogue will vary depending on the personality of your avatar."

Source: http://neogaf.com/forum/sho...

wonderfulmonkeyman3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

Loving the effort being put into the voices for this game.
It's gonna be great.

WizzroSupreme3324d ago

Can't decide what JRPG I'm anticipating more this year – Bloodbourne or Xenoblade Chronicles X or Persona 5. Dang it, such a great year for the genre.

wonderfulmonkeyman3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

I know, right?
I think we've also got KH III coming this year, and Bravely Second isn't far off.
I think there's a new Tales Of game in the works, too...
Then we've also got the indie side of things with games like Pier Solar and others like it...
2015 is looking like it might turn out to be a gold mine for RPG enthusiasts.

Ck1x3324d ago

Bloodborne is more of an action game with RPG elements than a true JRPG. Which is why the Darksouls type of games get compared to Zelda's style, because I wouldn't consider Zelda games to be JRPG's either.


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jznrpg301d ago (Edited 301d ago )

Yea. I own it but don’t want to pull out the Wii U

Zeldafan64301d ago

I never unplugged my Wii U. Still play it almost daily but a definitive edition of X would be appreciated.

jznrpg301d ago (Edited 301d ago )

It’s one of the systems I have the least games for . Though there are some really good games on it. I have systems from Atari’s , Nintendo’s, Segas , TurboGrafx 16 , PS’s etc etc so I put a few in my game storage room. I do pull it out from time to time and I have a new one in a box but won’t open that .
But I’d really like to have a Chronicles X but not on Switch whatever the next console is preferably so they can add more quality to it .

Zeldafan64300d ago

Lucky, you didn't need to explain that.

Zeldafan64301d ago (Edited 301d ago )

Playing X at 1080/60 would be great so waiting for the Switch successor would be ideal but it wouldn't be smart to make it a launch game. It would suck waiting til 2025 to get X definitive edition but I think that's what will happen.

I know people say Wii U has no games but I've got over 100 games for it.

luckytrouble300d ago

I mean, when people say a system has "no games" they aren't saying the system literally had no games released on it. They're more commenting on the state of games that make the system worth owning. For many the Wii U never had a game that made the system worth owning, or if it did, it has a Switch port or successor at this point anyways so they were effectively proven correct to have never purchased a Wii U in the first place.

Yes, depending on the individual the Wii U remains worth owning for the handful of games still locked to it, but for many they'd rather just wait to see what else gets ported in the future at this point. There is exceptionally little you can only play on a Wii U these days though, especially with the eShop dead so anything that may have existed only on it is no longer of consequence to non-Wii U owners.

chaos999301d ago

They said it cost too much time to remap controls unfortunately

luckytrouble300d ago

In all fairness, that's probably a reason they're passing on a few of the still Wii U locked games. Starfox Zero, among the reasons you may not want to port it, would need its entire control scheme reworked from the ground up. Chronicles X may not be as extreme of a case (I don't know, I've never played or watched gameplay), but often unless a game is going to sell really well, it can be hard to convince a company to do more than the basic expected remaster work. Heck, a lot of people figure the only reason we got Galaxy 1 in the 3D All Stars collection for example is because they had already done the work for the Nvidia Shield port for China, which subsequently is likely the major reason they didn't include Galaxy 2. They simply did not want to remap the game controls. It may sound silly since it sounds so simple just by the words, but you have to figure more goes into it than you're probably thinking if it's that much of a sticking point.

DefaultComment301d ago

Yes, I agree. We definitely need to retake Xenoblade Chronicles X which btw it left us on a cliffhanger suggesting there wiull be a XCX2 .... and im up for it.

isarai301d ago (Edited 301d ago )

I put so many hours into X, just please ad a music volume setting was going crazy walking around base and hearing


FinalFantasyFanatic300d ago

I can't believe they haven't done it yet, it's the Xenoblade game I'm most excited for, I would buy it in a heart beat.


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ZeekQuattro739d ago

I wish The Last Story would make a comeback.I played it years before I got around to Xenoblade. Mainly because of the scalping going on because of Xeno's limited run. It took me a few tries to get into it but once I did I couldn't put it down. A Wii hidden gem for sure.

pietro1212737d ago

As much as I love Xenoblade, Last Story was the better game IMO. I wish Nintendo would remaster or simply port the game onto the Switch.

porkChop739d ago

Xenoblade went on to be a really successful franchise too.

pietro1212738d ago

I wish the Last Story get a Switch remaster or remake. That game deserves a second chance


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