Is Battlefield Hardline's Premium a Ripoff?

Is Battlefield Hardline’s Premium content a ripoff? Short answer…. If there was one I wouldn’t still be typing.

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GCO Gamer3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

I honestly believe Season Pass' for yearly titles in a totality are ripoffs. In fact, paid DLC for an annualized title in general is a ripoff.

DarkOcelet3330d ago

Yeah, especially when they make millions each year.

Syntax-Error3330d ago

If they didn't make millions each year they would go bankrupt!!!! Wow are you really that "intelligent?" DLC keeps them afloat considering the cost of AAA titles nowadays. Try thinking before you speak sometimes

spacewarrior13330d ago

Syntax-Error i'm sure devs are worried out of their minds going bankrupt in their sports cars and mansions.

ifistbrowni3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

and especially because the last two Battlefields have had their "premium" at a 50% discount before all DLC was even released.

I told my buddy, who traditionally buys all battlefields + their premium subscriptions at launch with me, that I refuse to buy this game until I get it for $20-30 "complete edition." Going off the previous two Battlefields "discount timelines", I'll be playing Hardline in June/July.

Yi-Long3330d ago

I agree that the whole Season Pass crap is a total rip-off.

HOWEVER, this simply means I won't buy the game at launch.

Quick math: game 60 bucks at launch + 50 bucks for Season Pass = 110 bucks.

I'll simply wait a year, see how the game is still doing, what the alternatives are offering, and when it's 40-50 bucks for the complete package, I might pick it up.

I didn't pick up BF4 at launch, because of all that DLC, and also bacause basically the game wasn't ready to be launched yet.

Picked up BF4 including Premium 5 months orso ago, and obviously, that's a bargain. The game has been fixed, all DLC is included, and it's balanced and netcode and all other problems have been fixed.

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BattleAxe3330d ago

Paying for a Season Pass is essentially the same thing as buying a 2nd game. Publishers are making twice as much per game as they used to, and this is in a digital age where many of the games they sell are digital downloads with no shipping or packaging costs. DLC is generally a rip off.

BluEx6103330d ago

Didn't EA release DLC for BF4 which was redone BF3 maps? Like seriously how fucken lazy can they be. Won't be surprised if they did it again for Hardline.... believe the DLC was called Second Assault. Don't support shit like this please.

die_fiend3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )


Stupidest comment ever. You think EA are close to bankruptcy? If you think EA is being kept afloat by DLC then you need to go back to school for a long long time.

Hardline should be free DLC for people who had premium on Battlefield 4. To try selling it as a full-priced game is more criminal than robbing a vault! Then to also try and charge another full price game for DLC. Like hell I'm spending £100 on this belloni! And graphically, it's absolutely identical to BF4, much like most of the gameplay.

DarkOcelet3330d ago

A dlc pass for the dlc game. SMH.

MikeyBoy3330d ago

I will say it plays different from BF4 and even from the beta I kind of liked the overall premise and gameplay than BF4. Wouldn't call it a dlc

Yi-Long3330d ago

I think the BIG problem with this game is simply that they called it a Battlefield game. They never should have done that, and instead should have just made it a new original IP.

I'll skip Hardline at first, for multiple reasons, but mainly because I'm still more than happy with BF4 and I won't buy any game at launch when they have a DLC pass announced...

If the game turns out to be great and all the DLC is great, and it's in the bargain bin next year with a complete edition, and still being played, I'll consider buying it.

MikeyBoy3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

@GCO Gamer: Read my mind mate. Its getting really bad

Starbucks_Fan3330d ago

I feel like $60 for the main game is too much already...

purebennyc3330d ago

$60 is nothing in NZ you're looking at $100-$120

Iceball20003330d ago

$69 in Canada, soon to be $75. Plus the 13% tax we have.

BattleAxe3330d ago

@ Iceball2000

Where did you hear that games were going up to $75.00? Even back in the early 2000s when the Dollar was worth around 60 cents USD, games were still always $60.00, so I don't get this....