Sexy New Mortal Kombat vs DC Screens

Seven new high-resolution screenshots, which show off the incredible detail going into this game. Showcased are Shang Tsung's Soul Steal special move, as well as a painful facial expression from Sonya and an unmasked Scorpion taking on Catwoman.

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MK_Red5851d ago

Sonya and Catwoman indeed look sexy here and Sonya is definitly better than her render.

5851d ago
MK_Red5850d ago

Well the game does have fatalities and as for art direction, you must not be much into DC comix because DC characters are based on Alex Ross' awesome comic designs.

Still, the T rating is probably gonna ruin the whole thing...

5850d ago
MK_Red5851d ago

At least the graphics are decent. I'm still worried about the T rating though which will probably ruin the fataities that I love.

UnSelf5851d ago

did u see their newest trailer? yes.....be very worried MK

MK_Red5851d ago

Yeah, the trailer was worring. I saw GameSpot's low res version so hopefully the HD version looks better.
I mean, this screenshots look so sweet but the trailer was so bad? WTF?

UnSelf5851d ago

no idea man, when i 1st heard about mk vs DC i was like wtf? but then i read an interview by boon and then i was like "uh ok ill giv it a chance". But im usually good at determining how good a game is from its previews and believe me lol, that thing has failure written all over it.

:( i miss MK: Trilogy...........hint hint Sony (psn maybe?)

MK_Red5851d ago

I haven't lost my faith since I'm MK afterall :D
But I definitly agree that the new trailer wasn't too promising. It was decent enough but Midway should do a whole lot more for this T rated game with DC characters to win love of gamers and fans.

UnSelf5851d ago

Humbly agreed.

How about a Flash superhero sandbox game? Like u run 132432894 mph through the city.

(sigh) we can all dream

REPLOID245851d ago

don't worry. mk will make a comeback after this. it will be rated m once more!

MK_Red5851d ago (Edited 5851d ago )

Bubble, the Flash sandbox game would be awesome but seriously, ALL of Superheroes could have their own sandbox game. Batman in perticular is the one I want to see in his own sandbox game.

Thanks REPLOID24. I can only hope and pray for the next and the REAL Mortal Kombat game with M rating and real blood and gore.

Bubbles for you guys :)

TheDeadMetalhead5851d ago

It might turn into Manhunt 2, which filtered gory parts. This concerns me, as this will probably become a major problem... =(

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REPLOID245851d ago

would be better. i guess looking at soul caliber screens does that. i KNOW boon will make a true, darker, bloodier mk later. i'll just have to wait...

MK_Red5851d ago

Yeah, can't wait for that one. The real M rated MK.

Sheddi5851d ago

hehe very nice
very nice indeed

juuken5851d ago

I'm sorry but Sonia looks like a slut. >.<
Catwoman looks okay though but the other guys looked funny.

TheDeadMetalhead5851d ago (Edited 5851d ago )

So Sonya's a slut, it's not the end of the world! How come you're making such a big deal out of this???

juuken5851d ago (Edited 5851d ago )

...>.< *deathglare*

I loved playing as Sonya! >:|

Oh the other hand...meh.

TheDeadMetalhead5851d ago (Edited 5851d ago )

Just stop deathglaring me! :*(

I just don't see the problem! They could've cut her out of the game completely! I mean, it's like you're saying she's not your favorite character anymore because she looks like a slut! I just don't see how it's that big of a deal! That's all! :(

And why are you deathglaring me? I'm a nice guy! You should me deathglaring Midway for doing this in the 1st place! Right?

juuken5851d ago


*deathglares them* xP

I'm just messin' with ya. ^__^

MK_Red5851d ago

Soul Calibur 4 effect!?
But seriously the new MK trutly following SC4. In previous MK games only Mileena and Li Mei were like this but here we have some Sonya and Catwoman and LOTS of cleavage... I'm not complaining about that though.

KBDuB5851d ago

Is Sonya the chick fighting Superman, in the white top??

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