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There was so much potential surrounding The Order, yet it hasn’t lived up to the expectations

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AudioEppa2769d ago

If this review came out earlier I wouldn't have gotten the game...

I guess I had an 'impulse' buy.. 😏

Spotie2769d ago

You had the game preordered, railed against the hate for the game, and now some random ass site's review is enough to have made you not get the game had you seen their score?

Not buying that at all.

AudioEppa2769d ago

of course you're right, I wasn't being serious with that post lol i came on here an saw a few order reviews pending so I decided to have some fun with the first comment.

How's your sunday spotie?

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2769d ago

Some people just won't leave those dead horses alone.

ninsigma2769d ago

"There was so much potential surrounding The Order, yet it hasn't lived up to the expectations "

If that's the case, then I think you were expectations were well off.

The order was exactly what I expected. A linear game based on third person shooting with a string focus on story telling with graphics comparable to nothing else. And that's what I got. Thoroughly enjoyed it, and platinumed it and now I've moved onto other games, just like I do with EVERY game (though not necessarily platinum). It's just a game and people have gone crazy over this. I don't know why reviews are still coming in. It seems like most of them are being submitted by the same guy.

Toon_Link2769d ago

Totally agree. I'm about halfway through and have been having a great time. I keep thinking how can this game be scored so poorly? It's too bad once it's cool to hate on something everyone jumps on board. Either way I'm enjoying it and if I have enough time I'll try and platinum it as well.

ninsigma2769d ago

Yep, it could see all the hate before it even released :/

The platinum is quite easy, shouldn't take you too long. You'll more than likely want to get it by the time you finish because you'll have most of them and you won't want to leave it like that :P

What I would have liked though is a way to know which collectibles you've picked up. You can with the audio logs but not with the others.

Killzoner992769d ago

It's funny , the sales of the game beg to differ. Just another site jumping on the hate bandwagon.

marloc_x2769d ago

Still looking for your review zoner!

sprinterboy2769d ago

Do we get the sales data today for order 1886 sold numbers?