Behind-closed-doors footage of Star Wars Battlefront gets "Standing Ovation" at GDC

Forget about the Year of the Goat - 2015 is setting up to be the year of the Wookie. With Star Wars making its return to the silver screen in December, the hype train for DICE’s reboot of multiplayer shooter Star Wars Battlefront is getting ready to punch into hyperspace.

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mikeslemonade3330d ago

Who do I need to threaten and who do I need to kill to see this video?

Wenis3330d ago

I dont think we'll have to wait til E3. I think they'll show it before then

guitarded773330d ago

All I need to know is if it's gonna be 3rd person. If they screw it up and make it first person only, I will be pissed.

jmd7493330d ago

With Amy Hennig on board I have very high expectations. :)

CARROT1809943330d ago

@jmd749 Amy Henning is working on the Visceral star wars game, not battlefront

Gazondaily3330d ago

Damn, a standing ovation. That sounds pretty damn promising. Unless EA charged a subscription fee for sitting on the chairs.

I cant wait till E3!

hay3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

No amount of standing ovation will make me trust EA. Show it or shut up. Let the product speak.

VforVideogames3329d ago

it had a standing ovation because it was on ps4.

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Ninver3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

I agree, show or it didn't happen. If you have nothing important to provide us don't waste our time. Here's a nice downvote and dislike for trying to garner hits by using SW. Post the supposed video to redeem yourself!


Wenis3330d ago

Well actually it did happen... but its up to EA to show the rest of the world

Ark_3330d ago

It's called marketing. They are building hype ... slowly. Just look at the posts. The attention got stirred up allready. You can bet that whatever they showed will "leak" soon. They will then feed some twitter post from a developer, some sreenshots here and there, another video, e3 reveal and so on. Same old, same old.

Let's just wait till it's done.

Sevir3329d ago

This was the first look for the journos, but industry platform holders saw the game for the first time in January. And IGN said that EA and Dice will be showing it to the media at GDC. Battlefield 4 was shown for the first time at GDC 2013... So even if you don't believe it doesn't change the fact that it happened.

starchild3330d ago

If it looks as good as the trailer below and showed some good gameplay, I can see why it would get a standing ovation.


XanderZane3329d ago

It will most likely get leaked before the E3 gets here, I'm sure. Just about everyone is looking forward to this game.

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gamerfan09093330d ago

I can't wait to play this game early with my EA Access membership.

MasterCornholio3330d ago

Does that mean that he has a tattoo of the game on his chest?

bleedsoe9mm3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

me too , not sure why people would disagree with your excitement to get your hands on it a bit early

Antifan3330d ago

*3 days early. Lol. EA ripping u off dawg

Kribwalker3330d ago

5 days early access, but that's just an added benefit to EA Access as the vault alone is worth more then $200 and the 10%discount on other games on top of it it screams bargin

LexHazard793329d ago

Thats 3 days you still have to wait....while theyre enjoying the game. You'll be here hating, like the good antifan that you are.

Sevir3329d ago

3 to 5 days more isn't killing anyone who've waited the 2 years of development to play it. He's not hating, he's just saying the wait isn't a big deal.

DLConspiracy3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

Hey Star Wars fans are pretty rabid. So are Battlefront fans. This is a pretty anticipated game and I would be happy to sign up just to play it early. Its at least an option for those who want to. That's not a horrible thing. Better than those jerks who are charging 60 bucks for early access beta codes online.

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Omegasyde3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

I'll play your game.

Cant wait to play this with my controller and use its touchpad for melee moves and the speaker for authenic movie communication coming out of the speaker on the controller.

I will also let my friends shareplay this game, thus they can try it before they buy it.

I also will buy the ps4 version since bf4 used the dice engine and the ps4 version was superior.

(If you are going to troll...always have a strong first statement)

MasterCornholio3330d ago

"I will also let my friends shareplay this game, thus they can try it before they buy it."

About shareplay.

Wouldn't it be cool if coop was available through shareplay?

That would be an awesome way to demo the game.

Omegasyde3329d ago

for certain games co-op is available for shareplay diablo 3 for instance