Star Wars Battlefront Could Make Use of DirectX 12 on Xbox One and PC

Battlefield 4 received a recent patch addressing it's netcode indicating it is likely we could see a much more stable multiplayer experience from Star Wars Battlefront. Plus, the frostbite engine and DirectX12 were on display at GDC 2015, meaning Battlefront could likely be using this new tech in the future.

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Foehammer2761d ago

Good news

Exploit that technology

PunisherRevenge2761d ago

They better take full advantage of DX12 because anything less would be unacceptable.Cross play would be great as well.

Gamer19822759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

A lot of 3rd party games wont use DX12 purely because its a lot easier to port if they don't. Why add months of extra time and graft if you don't have to?? Every day you add onto production adds costs and we not talking just a little bit of cash here this is EA.

Software_Lover2761d ago

If this was a Cross Play game with Xbox Live............

Elit3Nick2761d ago

I don't know, with games like fable legends it makes sense but with fast action FPSs mouse users are at a huge advantage versus controllers, especially with turreted vehicles, which have unlimited turning speed on pc versus a more life like turn speed on console

krypt19832761d ago

games already been confirmed to be a 3rd person shooter

Elit3Nick2761d ago

Permanently, or optional? Even then mouse users have an advantage, I wouldn't mind crossplay, but I would be surprised if it was true.

lifeisgamesok2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

Sounds good if true maybe this will become a trend as it's easier to port games from PC to Xbox One

DX12 has a lot of potential

DeadlyFire2760d ago

DirectX 12 is nice improvement. There is also the 2nd option Vulkan. Aims to match up to it. Also has EA/Lucasfilm support and is built with multiplatform in mind and consoles as well. I personally have no clue the difference between DirectX 12 and Vulkan other than well DirectX is Microsoft and Vulkan is open platform to all. No real pictures from solid games built on those APIs have been released from either yet that I know of anyway. I expect both to be pretty nice.

Gamer19822759d ago

Easier to port to PC AND PS4 if its not though. Why make it only easy to port to 1 solution rather than both? If they stick to existing methods its quicker and cheaper.

itsjustexuma2761d ago

Why are they adding the PS4 if its nothing about it lol ?

qwerty6762761d ago

what if there was cross play between xbo-pc while ps4 players were left in the dark?

that would actually be very huge as people would gravitate towards the bigger multi-player community.

Pandamobile2761d ago

It could be a possibility in the future if Microsoft truly commits to breaking down the walls between Windows and Xbox.

Of course it would still be up to the developers, as throwing console gamers and PC gamers into the mix together can lead to some balancing issues.

bleedsoe9mm2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

doesn't it really depend on how easy MS makes it . i think most games would have cross platform play if the platform holders allowed it .

Brotard2761d ago

its not impossible for ps4, street fighter 5 is doing it. It just takes extra effort for developers to make something crossplay which means more money spent, when it wouldn't increase revenue all that much

DeadlyFire2760d ago

Cross play is possible between all platforms. I am doubtful any FPS games would get big cross play support. Although I expect soon PS4/XB1 will have 3rd party devices to support XB1/PS4 Keyboard/mouse play. Kinda like PS3/X360 had Penguinunited and XIM and other stuff like that sporting it.

Cross play has one benefit. Player population. Keeps people interested in the game longer keeping servers alive and gives people more interest in trying out DLC and buying things like that after they get into the game late.

Does it change where you want to play? Not really as long as you can get into a game.

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