Review: The Order: 1886 is a slick but shallow shooter | Gamecrate

If the setting and lore of The Order: 1886 interest you at all, the game is at least worth a rental. Those hoping for a meaty, innovative experience however need not bother as the game wastes much of its potential on rehashed gameplay systems, an unsatisfyingly thin story, and a noticeable lack of long-term appeal.

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Shadow Man2385d ago

Im still gonna try And play this game myself And see if they really drop the ball.

CyberSentinel2385d ago

I'm waiting till the game goes on sale. 29.99 is my buy value for this game.

Eddie201012385d ago

No hit for this.

The games is much better than what people give it just to get hits.

WCxAlchemist2385d ago

I like/enjoyed the order: 1886 just not at $60