Street Fighter 5's release slated for 'next Spring,' according to Capcom Unity blog post

Street Fighter 5 may be hitting stores next Spring

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DarkOcelet2762d ago

Oh well, we still have MKX and Tekken 7 this year and a thousand other games so i can wait.

bouzebbal2761d ago

it's alright! i guess March-April 2016. It's the same release window for SFIV.
Cannot wait... but i have to

catalyst_nc2762d ago

Capcom loves this release window. They usually launch in the spring time, been good for them, why not keep the tradition going?

Majin-vegeta2762d ago

cant wait to try the beta :D.

GokuSolosAll2761d ago

I was hoping for this year but that's not too bad.

josephayal2761d ago

next spring? lol good luck

zeal0us2761d ago

I guess with keeping people interest or something else.

Though even that isn't hard given the amount fighting tournaments Capcom could present SF5 footage and also there's E3.

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