Kojima Productions at GDC 2015 Outline

The annual Game Developers Conference is about to begin. The event takes place at the Moscone Center in San Francisco on March 2 – 6 (with the expo being planned for March 4 – 6), and is, according the the official site, ‘the world’s largest and longest-running professionals-only game industry event’.

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just_looken3399d ago

All aboard the hype train

Though only 1 title was shit mgs rising but that was not made or directed by kojima. I cant wait to hear the details of a collectors edition of mgs pp

Az1mov3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

Dude that picture filled me with joy, embarking on an adventure :D MGSV Release date please

have a bubble

Spore_7773399d ago

So basically, I have to stay awake for a full day.


Death Stranding 2 gets Hideo Kojima's band back together as MGS 5 dev signs on as action director

Yuji Shimomura joins Kojima Productions for another round.

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The3faces140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

Well it has to be better than the first game

F0XH0UND922139d ago (Edited 139d ago )

What? I was replying to The3faces

mkis007140d ago

It won the majority of goty awards in 2019...

mkis007140d ago

I mean you can disagree with the Earth being round...


F0XH0UND922140d ago

You mean the game that won a bunch of awards and has an 83 on opencritic?

EvertonFC139d ago

83 is good, not sure what you are getting at.
You must miss loads of great games.

jimb0j0nes140d ago

Kojima definitely assembling the Metal Gear Solid avengers for Physint

1nsomniac140d ago

Is this really anything to get excited about? MGS5 was an absolute cluster f...

DarXyde140d ago

Gee, I wonder if there were any contemporaneous issues internally while the game was being made?

Nah, couldn't be. Game was released exactly as intended.

Samonuske140d ago

And regardless of its issues, it still had arguably the best gameplay in the series.

mkis007140d ago

The gameplay was amazing, coming from one who didn't play any of them until 4

Yui_Suzumiya140d ago

MGS ended with 4 for me. I want Hideo Kojima to get the Snatcher IP from Konami so there can be a remastered release and a sequel.

mkis007140d ago

Well 4 is technically the last in sequence right?

Chocoburger139d ago


Unless if you want to count Revengeance, which I started a new playthrough of recently, and damn is it still fun.

CDbiggen139d ago (Edited 139d ago )

Yeah it was, he didn't want to keep making MGS and it showed. Even if he was given the time by konami to finish it, what was there was already so weak that it's hard to see what could've salvaged it. The gameplay was quality no doubt. I still cringe at the characters and story though and the jeep scene.


Xbox and Playstation Keep Playing Russian Roulette, Except Kojima Is the Gun

The Nerd Stash: Kojima Productions as a whole is nothing without Hideo Kojima himself and the backing of either Xbox or PlayStation.

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Workshyskiver140d ago

Lets be honest Kojima is a Playstation man through and through and his effort on the MS project will be minimal, experimental and lip service at best. Once DS2 is complete he will focus almost all of his efforts on this new Stealth IP for Playstation, thinking anything else is just denial.

The3faces140d ago

Must be nice to be the official spokesperson for Kojima. Lucky you

VenomUK140d ago

What I noticed was that Kojima’s spiritual Metal Gear new IP having game and movie integration/overlap/continuati on (in some way) sounds very much like the vision he revealed at the Game Awards regarding his partnership with Xbox.

Some chump was recommending he sell his business to PlayStation - why would he do that? He has his own company, it’s making big money, he’s partnered with the biggest names to create his dream projects. Hideo Kojima is winning.

Laxus140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

So you think he's gonna intentionally blemish his reputation with a bad game... Because console wars? That's crazy.

I think O.D is a Spiritual Silent Hill and Physint is a spiritual Metal Gear.

Crows90140d ago

If OD is cloud based...I'm sorry but that's a stretch. The Xbox thing is probably a little project he's had in mind.

Laxus140d ago (Edited 140d ago )


*Involves Jordan Peele and several other big name celebrities*

Random N4G PS fanboy : "just a small little project"