PlayStation and Kojima Productions announce documentary called Hideo Kojima: Connected Worlds

PlayStation and Kojima Productions have announced an upcoming documentary called Hideo Kojima: Connected Worlds.

Featuring contributions from the likes of Guillermo del Toro and George Miller, it promises to take viewers “on a journey into the creative mind” of the famed Japanese game designer.

potatoseal113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

Despite what some might think, Hideo Kojima is a creative genius and a living legend in the industry. He's influenced many developers, movie makers and creatives over the years and yet most still can't touch him in terms of uniqueness. He has his own style and it would be impossible to replicate it. Death Stranding is a master piece that I put around 200 hours into and I'm so looking forward to the next game. Can't wait for this doc too.

1nsomniac111d ago

The solid snake oil master. Kojima himself.

jznrpg110d ago

Phil Spencer owns that title

just_looken111d ago (Edited 111d ago )

Alot of people forget he started on the msx pc with penguins

Zone of the Enders was another series he made just left in the past great games way ahead of there time.

Elda112d ago

I tried MGS on the PS1 & I just couldn't get into it. So when MGS 2 & 3 were released for the PS2 I never bothered buying the games. I decided to try MGS 4 for the PS3 & I really enjoyed it. I tried MGS5 & I couldn't get into that game either. I bought & played Death Stranding & I really enjoyed it & looking forward to playing DS2. Though I've only played 2 games by Kojima but hearing & reading his background for his contribution to video games including the MGS series I give the man props & respect for the hobby I love. This docu looks interesting I will be watching it when it releases.

ravens52112d ago

Nice. You missed some unbelievable games tho. Are you gonna try them again in the Remaster Vol.1? U should.

Elda112d ago

I thought about it but I'm not sure. I would definitely play MGS4 remastered.

EvertonFC112d ago (Edited 112d ago )

I'm the same fella, never got into the demos of MGS1/2 and 3 and 4 but loved mgs5, phantom pain and DS

refocusedman112d ago

mgs series were amazing games. 3 and 4 were absolutely master pieces

Syphos112d ago

If you liked MGS4, do give the others a try someday would be my 2 cents, even if only because they make MGS4 so much better because of material referencing to the other games in MGS4

TheTony316112d ago

Hideo Kojima - Connected Worlds

A Hideo Kojima movie, starring Hideo Kojima. Directed and Produced by Hideo Kojima.

B_Rian89112d ago

Hideo Kojima by Hideo Kojima

1nsomniac111d ago

Kojima in a nutshell. A product of his own hype.

anast112d ago

I'll be watching this when it comes out.

just_looken111d ago

You should track down the mgs2 movie that was tossed out overseas :)

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