Kojima: KojiPro Will "Boldly Go Where We Have Never Gone Before;" Teases Surprises for 2023

Hideo Kojima says his studio will be sailing uncharted territory, as they have a few "surprises" in store for 2023.

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porkChop95d ago

Maybe we'll be seeing his cloud game from Xbox. I really wonder what he's trying to do there.

Nitrowolf295d ago (Edited 95d ago )

I suspect it’ll be more so around the cloud aspect that Microsoft hyped up with Titanfall and Crackdown only actually being out to real use and have little to do with the streaming side and how players play

Really looking forward to seeing it though, that and DS2

porkChop95d ago

Yeah it'll be something with cloud computing. I'm just curious what it'll actually be. He said it was something he'd wanted to do for a long time but it wasn't possible. And I believe he also said it's an entirely new concept unlike anything we've played before. That's a bold claim.

Adrian_v0194d ago


Death stranding was also supposed to be something unparalleled but it was a walking simulator with Facebook vibes.

Eonjay94d ago

It's most likely a multiplatform experience using Microsoft's cloud. The idea that it's an Xbox game is a sham.

porkChop94d ago

How is it a sham? We know he's working directly with Xbox to create a new game that's somehow only possible through the cloud. There is zero indication that Xbox will be publishing the game on other platforms.

1nsomniac95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

..Again Kojima, really?? Is this not the same line he’s been using for a decade now. If anyone can show me this “never experienced before” that he talks about, every, single, time, he talks about himself or his next project.

Jesus Christ, I’m pretty sure he could convince himself he was single handedly the creator of the wheel and it wouldn’t take anything more for his creepy fans to believe him.

Aussiesummer95d ago

Here we go again. What next? A nail clipping simulator?

autobotdan95d ago

Produced and Directed by Hideo Xbojima

F0XH0UND92294d ago

Dude, it wasn't funny the first time you said it.

autobotdan93d ago

Your entire post history is attacking and attacking people on n4g. Wow. I just looked at your entire post history and it's nothing but negative attacking people on n4g all day everyday.

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The story is too old to be commented.