Is H-Hour In Development Hell?

Socom's spiritual successor has come under heavy fire from the community recently and here's why!

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PoSTedUP2905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

they really should be honest (or half honest) with whats really going on if they know whats good for them. if they are caught being shady AND not devlivering on their promises, there is gonna be HELL. But if they just come out and say "look the game needs more time weve been going through financial issues" etc. dude we'd totally undestand. weve waited a long time, a litle bit longer is nothing to us, were just thankfull someone is Trying!!

just_looken2904d ago

Well we know they had to redo the game in a new engine made staff changes lost david sears "somewhat" and recently pushed back the ps4 version to a tba status.

If there only doing a pc version now you think they have a alpha for people on steam early access.

Oh and blackwidow88 has been n/a for 4 months? did he get shutdown there was a mp trailer/demonstration with him in it aswell he had alot of videos with info but now nothing???

GreenUp2904d ago

The game creators blocked him on twitter.

BattleAxe2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

There were a few people in the community at the time that David Sears left the Studio, who had a voice, who could have completely derailed the entire project with the hysteria that they were whipping up.

SoF Studios has a lot invested into the project, and the stakes are high, so I don't blame them for some of their censorship. When you read how stupid a lot of the comments are that they receive on facebook, twitter and on their forums, it's no wonder they are censoring 'some' people.

crazychris41242905d ago

Nooooo!! Was looking forward to playing this game. I can understand the financial nightmare they could be in. I have been actively following Bugbear's Next Car Game Wreckfest and they were forced to release a tech demo early because they were on the verge of bankruptcy. Now they are doing pretty well and the game has a ton of potential. If H hour does go into Steam early access I hope they go above and beyond for those that paid $60 or more.

Nice to see an article from MWN's website.

WeAreLegion2904d ago

Yes. As a backer, I can confirm this. Livid.

Number-Nine2904d ago

As a huge SoCom fan I am glad I didn't support this mess.

Silly gameAr2904d ago

Unfortunately, I did. One of the first kickstarter projects I ever supported, and now I probably wont be able to play the game.

Ickythump312904d ago

I supported it aswell.. guess i got too excited about the possibility of a new socom game, or at least close to it. Kinda regret it now though as this does not look like it's going to pan out anymore

GreenUp2904d ago

Put down $150 for a lousy t shirt, hat, and a glow in the dark badge. I'm a sucker.

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The story is too old to be commented.