H-Hour: World's Elite First Impressions Video Preview (GameWatcher)

From GameWatcher: "H-Hour World's Elite has the core of a decent multiplayer shooter, but with so little content and such a small player base it is impossible to recommend it at this stage. Hold on to your wallet until a significant update."

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masterfox2327d ago

still needs a lot of work.

DarkOcelet2327d ago

Still, it looks much better than the last gameplay trailer.

CursedHero2327d ago

It does look a tad betta

ballsohard20132327d ago

ok... so its 2015... We have two powerful consoles that are on par with Mid-Level PC's... what the eff is this? The narrator says realism in movement etc whic i think is bullshit. Im from the socrack aka socom 1/2 era, so i get it but at this period and gaming there is so much the developers can do and make this game look much better. Heck, this game doesnt even look better Confrontation. Metal Gear... i'll be patiently waiting lol

brokenbracket2327d ago

Right, lol... dude said realistic. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 looks better than this on the ps3

PizzaSteve2327d ago

They doing the best they can. Like I said before they should have asked Sony for production help since Socom started on PS. They want to be independent I know but I don't think I will support this game if it stay like this. I'd be patient.

REDDURT2327d ago

I could care less how it looks it's SOCOM Real SOCOM.

ballsohard20132327d ago

no its goddam waste of money lol. You act like socom had trash graphics. Remember when socom 1 came out it innovated mic talk and communication on Playstation. The first two were innovative.. Theres absolutely nothing innovative about this title. Its an absolute dumpster fire and they will put out a dud and wonder why its not getting any purchases and fan support. Stop letting these developers shove bullshit down your throat and forking over your money. MAKE THEM EARN IT SHEESH.