The curious case of SpongeBob HeroPants 3DS and Unity

NE: "There are a few theories floating around. Is SpongeBob HeroPants one of the first 3DS games to support Unity? Did the developers simply forget to remove the logo (since there are other versions out there like the PlayStation Vita edition)? Did the team port the engine themselves?"

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DiscoKid1335d ago (Edited 1335d ago )

I don't think they forgot it. The Unity logo would appear before anything else if they never removed it.

gokuking1334d ago

I have the latest version of Unity installed on my PC. There's no 3DS listed as an official platform. Either the devs mistakenly left that in there, or they ported the engine themselves specifically for this project.

GDC is soon, so an announcement for 3DS Unity support could be coming, but I highly doubt this is an example of it. Usually you need to announce something before external developers like this are allowed to use it.