Lords of the Fallen dev doesn’t know why it’s been kicked off the Xbox Ultimate Game Sale

Lords of the Fallen was on sale, and now it is not, and nobody seems to know why.

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getrektedmate2901d ago

I downloaded it yesterday for $9.75 CAD, sadly none of my friends managed to get it. But now they can after they fix this error!

PONTIAC08G8GT2900d ago

I went in on the 17th when the game sale was first announced and the game was already back to full price. No clue who people bought it yesterday, the 18th, for cheap. I think this game is worth a $9 purchase.

DanzoSAMA2901d ago

I bought Lords of the Fallen and Sniper Elite for just 19$

nicksetzer12901d ago

Wow, bought it for 9$ yesterday, but now it is 100% not on sale. Glad I got my copy then.

DJLIVENYC2901d ago

Glad I Picked It Up When It Was $9

gusgusjr2901d ago

Almost purchased it, then I had seen it was regular price. I really wanted it on PC though. Hope steam gets it on sale soon. The only reason I considered it on the xbox was that price my goodness.

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The story is too old to be commented.