The Playstation Vita: From Promise To Peripherals

Pixel Gate UK looks talks about owning the Vita from launch, and seeing where it is today:

''The Playstation Vita is honestly one of the most curious products I’ve ever witness launch in the video game industry. After a decent marketing campaign, with various appearances across a number of events, the Vita launched. I purchased the system a day after it’s release, mostly as a ‘New job’ treat. The Vita instantly impressed me. The sleek design, the beautiful screen and visuals, the nifty bits and bobs, I loved it all. It remains as the best hand-held, at least technically, I’ve owned.''

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GNCFLYER1398d ago

Could have been the best handheld ever. Sony really dropped the ball with the Vita.

I bought mine at launch and have really enjoyed it but the games support hasn't been there.

PixelGateUk1398d ago

It's a shame the way things have gone. I'm a little curious to what Sony really think about the Vita's state. Surely they can't be 100% happy with how it all went down.

Delsin_Rowe1398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

Hey japanese developers support are great and i am quite happy with it. i am just here waiting for a lot of localization in the west.

PixelGateUk1398d ago

I don't live in Japan, so their support when it's rarely being localized doesn't really effect me. I wish i did in live in Japan though, wouldn't have put up with British reality Tv!

Delsin_Rowe1398d ago

@PixelGateUk Mate i live in New York, not japanese. Only because have a japanese pic doesnt mean i live in japan. We both get game at the same time from japan. We get many every month so i don't see the complain but you get localize japanese games earlier than us in U.S ;(.

dark-kyon1398d ago

i love how everyone speak of psvita how if japan don't exist,psvita in japan isn't a accesory.psvita is getting great games,if you not like his games is you problem,let at the rest enjoy his games what are play westerns big budget games we have enought machines.

PixelGateUk1398d ago

I don't get your point?

Not once does the post say the Vita is bad? i don't get why you're being defensive?

The poster doesn't live in Japan, i mean the site is called

Don't reply to the title of the post, and don't come out all defensive when no one said it's a bad system!

dark-kyon1398d ago

is getting tiresome these vita doom articles,is obviusly what not have westerns console multis, ports or spin off games is the real problem for them,the reality is what 3ds don't have either these games and psvita get more games what 3ds in the west,so is a double standard where a handheld is give for dead for not have a type of games what we never again get in handheld consoles.

GamerEuphoria1398d ago

It's hardly a doom no point does the article claim the vita is dead or doomed, it ends with how Sony are marketing the system in the west. Take off the fan boy glasses and have another read bud!

dark-kyon1398d ago

Thank for the insight,but not going to bother reading more clickbait vita articles,yes the article can be have some sense,but this is kicking the dead horse,sony don't know how make games for handhelds and don't care in selling the thing,is finished for them,so enjoy the games what have and going to get,in the best scenario the psvita can be a port machine filled with bad performing console games and some spin off how ascred nothing is lost for me.

GamerEuphoria1398d ago

You're the perfect example of a fan boy. You make no sense either.

killerluffy1231398d ago

these fanboy just doesn't know when to quit , keep doing trash talk in these comments.

LostFlock1398d ago

i loved my Vita got it launch day, really played that hell out of it over the years, but man i've really been thinking about trading it in for the new 3DS the past couple of weeks or so.

wakeNbake1398d ago

Yeah they pretty much cut off life support after Borderlands 2 Vita came out, a shame really considering how much of a lead it has over the competition in terms of hardware.

FeastInFamine1398d ago

I've been wanting to get a Vita for a very long time! Should I get one? This will fit perfectly with my gaming collection.

dcj05241398d ago

Definetly, it's amazing. Only downside is not having enough time to play it.

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