PlayStation Quietly Shuts Down a Game's Servers With No Warning

"PlayStation has quietly shut down the servers of one of its games with no warning. More specifically, if you're wondering why you can no longer play an online match of Killzone: Mercenary on PlayStation Vita, it's because servers have been shut down. Reports of the servers being turned off began to flood in this morning, and we've since confirmed with PlayStation Support that the servers have indeed been shut off."

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Jin_Sakai1024d ago

Right after the last PS Vita owner was killed.

deleted1023d ago

"They may take our Vitas, but they'll never take... OUR FREEDOM! Alba gu bràth!"

cammers19951023d ago

Probably a protester somewhere.

Elda1024d ago

That's why I got rid of my Vita because Sony stop supporting it especially with first party titles. I love their home consoles but I won't buy another handheld from Sony seeing how they treated the Vita.

Sol4ris1024d ago

In a world where the Switch exits, there is zero need for a new handheld, especially one from Sony.

Elda1024d ago

There is always room for competition. Personally for me I won't buy a Switch because of my lack of interest of their exclusives. I'll stick to my home console of choice which takes care of my gaming needs.

jznrpg1024d ago

The Switch is a nicehandheld but Sony could easily make a superior machine spec wise and not go the proprietary card route and support it better and it could really do well. Now will they take that risk I’m not sure but I loved my Vita and hope they do. Id love to have remote play with a Sony handheld and PS5 .

King_Noctis1024d ago

“ Sony could easily make a superior machine spec wise and not go the proprietary card route“

Do you see the irony in your statement?

MeteorPanda1023d ago (Edited 1023d ago )

you mean the switch that has an aweful eshop setup, no bluetooth, having to use a phone for voice chat, controllers that are shoddy (expect the pro) horrible friend management and overly expensive games that never drop in price?

yeah lm sure this can't be challenged lol.

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blackblades1024d ago

There are still games coming to it, shouldnt abandon it just because 1st party.

Elda1023d ago (Edited 1023d ago )

When I buy a console I buy it because of 1st,2nd & 3rd party exclusives first & foremost,I don't buy a console solely for multi-plats knowing you can play them on other consoles & PC. My main reason to buy the Vita was because of Sony's first party support the games I was mostly interested in. Once they stopped my Vita just collected dust,so I traded it in for the SNES Mini which I happen to enjoy including adding more classics on the little box.

goldwyncq1024d ago

Sony truly did the Vita dirty.

JackBNimble1023d ago

And somehow Sony get's a pass and no one cares .
I personally own a vita and I do care . Sony fans are blind loyalist hypocrites.

rainslacker1023d ago (Edited 1023d ago )


Sony got a pass because not enough people had the Vita to make it into a big deal. I have a Vita, and I do care that they dropped support too soon. Overall, I wasn't unhappy with the Vita, but that wasn't because of Sony's doing, but rather 3rd party support providing me with games that I was happy to play on the system.(I like the more niche Japanese games).

But, at least for me, there isn't a pass should I be in a position of having to decide to buy another portable from them. That isn't something I'd jump on board for, and I'd express that reluctance should that time ever come Sony wants to jump back into the market.

I will defend the fact that Sony did indeed support the system fairly well early on. I will criticize their decisions of the memory card, although I understand the reasons behind it. I'll praise how good the hardware actually is. And I'll criticize Sony for dropping 1st party support pretty early, and how much they neglected the system after the PS4 was a runaway success.

In the mean time, the people I see most upset about Sony's dropping of the Vita are the actual Vita owners. By a wide margin. The others that love to just criticize Sony seem hung up on other things as they try really hard to make Sony look bad in areas that they are more successful in, thus have more people that care about that stuff.

Nitrox1023d ago

Who’s giving Sony a pass? Vita owners (like myself also) have been very disappointed and even pissed off with the fact that support and games seemed to dry up after the first couple years. I doubt Sony will make another go at handhelds for quite some time, if ever, but if they do you can bet it will be looked at skeptically by even the biggest PS fans.

Should we throw away our PS4s and boycot PS5 because they gave up on the vita? That would be stupid and doesn’t make someone a hypocrite.

Idiot fanboys on this site need to quit constructing straw men to make themselves seem more woke than other gamers...

DarXyde1023d ago

Persona 4 Golden in my opinion makes Vita totally worth it.

Elda1023d ago

Nice game but I'm not going to hold on to a Vita just for Persona 4 while no other games drop that I'm interested in.

Angrymorgan1023d ago

Plot twist...the ps5 is a handheld...dualsense doesnt have a touchpad.....its a screen 😳😳

rainslacker1023d ago

I feel the same. I'd probably want one either way, but Sony dropped support of Vita way too quick once the PS4 took off. They didn't see the point in trying to make Vita a thing when they could just make money off their home console, and that was kind of a kick in the balls for Vita owners.

Vita was a great machine overall, hampered by some poor business decisions. It actually did have quite a few good games from Sony it's first couple years despite what people said, but Sony stopped caring about 3rd party support before 3rd party support really got going. It's a shame really, because the sales of more niche games on the system was pretty high for a portable, despite it's install base.

If Sony puts out a new portable, I'll give it time to see if they'll remedy the mistakes they made with the Vita. Until then, it'll be low on my list of things to get.

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Spurg1024d ago

hmmmm....the fact that the kill the last person who was using the vita and the killing of a server of a ps vita game. Could PSP successor be announced soon?

RazzerRedux1023d ago

"the fact that the kill the last person who was using the vita"


monkey6021023d ago

It's a joke regarding the Last of Us 2 state of play that's going around

Profchaos1024d ago

Could always just be a mistake and they will come back. Sony normally gives a heads up