Killzone: Mercenary multiplayer servers are back online

Over the weekend reports of the multiplayer servers for Killzone Mercenary had been shut down by Sony came out.  However, usually when Sony is going to shut down the servers of a game the company puts out an announcement through its game servers site, but it seemed that Killzone Mercenary’s multiplayer servers had been turned off with no notice to players, and it was not listed on the list on Sony’s server shutdown site.

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time2die1022d ago

Seriously does anyone actually still play a Playstation Vita...?

Abnor_Mal1022d ago

Yes, especially when I'm at an appointment sitting in the waiting room.

SonyStyled1022d ago

Yea, played 3mp games in Killzone mercenary last week. I haven’t played it in a bit otherwise. I still have Severed in my backlog but I’ve been chipping at the ps3 backlog this past year. Obviously there isn’t too many new games I’m interested in but frequently sales have games for under $1 so I’ll buy and play as things come up in the store

NecrumOddBoy1022d ago

I platinum'd Severed. It was super awesome!

Good-Smurf1022d ago (Edited 1022d ago )

Still play Killzone Mercenary and Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed on it.
But I mostly use it for browsing Pixiv.

IanTH1022d ago

Just to add to the chorus, "yes!"

Got it sitting in its charging cradle (alongside several other older handhelds) for whenever the mood strikes. It isn't a daily thing, but it still gets used. Great handheld that passed before its time.

UltraNova1021d ago (Edited 1021d ago )

It was criminally overlooked. It was the Switch before the Switch. A perfect storm of things against it at the time.

It's sad that Sony gave up on it and handhelds thereafter...

AnotherGamer1022d ago

Yep, I still play it. Your problem?

meganick1022d ago

You’re living in the past. Trade it in for a Switch ya schmuck.

Pughski1022d ago

Nope. I don't believe anyone that says so.

SegaSaturn6691022d ago

Playstation vita just had a very good n64 emulator released for it, and there's an upcoming dreamcast emulator.

Also just released was Noboru, a phenomenal manga/comic reader.

meganick1022d ago

This is why Sony handhelds fail, because people use them to play free roms and don’t actually buy software.

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kayoss1022d ago

i do. Its a great handheld. unfortunately, Sony dont give it the support it should have deserved and the Remote play with PS4 is horrible. Especially with the button layout on the PS Vita for certain games that required all the buttons that are on the Dual Shock.

TheGamez1001022d ago

Great place for jrpgs, indies, and emulation. Remote plays great too. I can see many still playing or finally picking it up for the good library it has.

mynameisthumper1022d ago

Yep, and PSP too! I'll keep repairing them and playing them until I can't anymore. Also, isn't it kinda interesting that for a site full of PS love, most Playstation fans seem to hate Vita? They can't have ALL played it and decided it was bad...right? Just sounds like a group mentality of hate towards an amazing system. Such a shame :/

Profchaos1022d ago (Edited 1022d ago )

Own both loved my PSP easily the best handheld I've played but my Vita I used it mostly for remote play ultimately I was disappointed with the quality of the releases most of my legit gameplay was on PS1 emulation.

Only after homebrew did the vita become special with games like half life being playable

Profchaos1022d ago

Actually on the odd occasion I boot it up

Aghashie1021d ago

I still do.

Lots of cheap games on Amazon.

I have the first model that came with a SIM card. Still working like a charm. I just feel "incomplete" if I left home without it. Seriously.

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cosmicjest1022d ago

Sony's *usually* good with providing notice way ahead of time for stuff like this. Still, I'm always surprised to fire up Mercenary and find people in surplus.

Rangerman12081022d ago

Same. Before Sony decides to turn off the servers, I'll be booting this game soon.

Majin-vegeta1022d ago

Someomes shirt got caught on the on/off switch😂

neutralgamer19921022d ago

What but but Sony is the baddest they turn off without notice where are all those with fake anger haha

I never got to play this game because I didn't have a vita I wish it was playable on ps3

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