That One Time When SoulCalibur Measured Boob Sizes

If you’re a fan of the SoulCalibur series, then you’ll know that there are a huge variety of characters of all shapes and sizes. And while some may be evil and make demons blush with how violent they can be, while others are pure hearts of gold, today is not a day to be talking about the sizes of the personalities of SoulCalibur‘s female cast.

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SaveFerris1434d ago

I always wondered how Taki, a ninja, was so graceful with such MASSIVE juggs!

heychrisfox1434d ago

Whenever I look at ladies with that super unrealistic anatomy I just think of Demolition_D from YouTube. "Is this an attempt at seduction? Am I expected to be aroused? Am I supposed to be sexually excited by three volleyballs stacked closely together?"

Neo_Zeed1434d ago

Three? This isn't Total Recall.

Heyxyz1434d ago

Thank you! I couldn't agree more.

rezzah1434d ago

A good read, liked the artistic perspective. I think its lame how they change the characters overtime (referring to last image), but i think it is more likely to bring in a higher profit... Similar to moe in anime.

heychrisfox1434d ago

Yeah, I picked up on the series at Soul Calibur II, so I missed a lot of the... inflation, for lack of a better word. Just stay away from my Talim, don't touch her. ♥

rezzah1434d ago

Same here, though Tira is my main female character.

DragonKnight1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

A few things. 1. Are we really complaining about fictional boobs? Really? Like someone is sitting on the couch playing Soul Calibur and Taki does a backflip with her ample bosom and you're all like "OMFG No way could she do that with those boobs. The back pain alone!" Yeah, no kidding she couldn't do it any more than you could seal demons inside your weapons using ancient Ninpo. These are video games, and especially fighting videos games. They aren't meant to reflect reality. 100% of the world's population could not pull a Cervantes and port over someone's head only to slam their pistol sword down upon them. I don't understand this compunction to critique fiction for not being reality.

2. You will never see a plus sized female fighter in a fighting game, or even a male for the most part, unless they are for comic relief. In fact you will never see a plus-sized female fighter even for comic relief because the developer will be labeled a misogynist for doing so. The only hope of that happening is if a Japanese developer couldn't give a damn about the opinions of gaijin and makes whatever the hell he wants, including a plus-sized female fighter whose taunt is to flip the bird at you the player.

3. I have to think that if a character's appearance bothers anyone so much, they aren't really playing the game. I mean if someone is filled with that much aesthetical cynicism, then I have to question why they bother playing something made up of so many different parts all designed to entertain, especially when all they're doing is focusing on the most superficial aspects of the game and complaining they aren't more like real life. It's like, who cares that the gameplay is top notch or that the music is amazing, no let's whine about non-existent G cups being unaffected by gravity and on the body of someone who can't stand in some arbitrarily "realistic" fashion.

4. If you think women are portrayed unrealistically in fighting games, allow me to introduce you to Potemkin. Ain't a female character in existence that's as unrealistic as this guy.