Dragon Age: Inquisition Reaver Guide

Power On Pub tells you what you want to know about the Reaver specialization inside of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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Kal8531342d ago

I'd love to try this, but all the warrior specializations on my Xbox One game are broken. The trainers disappear, and I can't finish the quests. I also tried becoming a Champion, but after spending 20 hours getting there and collecting the quest items, the stupid trainer disappeared. I love this game - I've spent over 150 hours in it, but BioWare REALLY needs to fix this bug. It's ruined a third of my gameplay options. BIOWARE - PLEASE READ THIS AND FIX THIS!!!!!!! Thank you.

PowerOnPub1342d ago

Sucks that this bug is still present. Remember seeing people talking about it on the forums awhile back...would've thought they'd fixed it by now. Come on, Bioware...step up your game!