Greenberg On X1 Exclusives: Excited About Tomb Raider's Progress, Ori & ScreamRide Coming Along Well

The first half of 2015 is looking a tad dull for Xbox One but the second half is simply going to be amazing.

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ScorpiusX3300d ago

Sweet can't wait to play them all on release day.

WESKER20153300d ago

ori and screamride intrigue me, ori and the blind forest is a day one buy for sure though, i have already brought and played state of decay on PC so not too hyped there but will still pick it up just after screamride and ori

Nekroo913300d ago

Its just sad this game is a timed exclusive on xbox. Because xbox community doesent appreciate good games.

Look at FH 2, Sunset Overdrive with less than 1 million games sold, Project Spark less than 100k, but COD sells millions and millions...

WESKER20153300d ago

i dont think it will be timed, not anymore anyway, with the street fighter v bombshell sony dropped on microsoft i can see MS snapping up full xbox console exclusivity if they havent already, they are even helping CD fund production of the game, it might come to PC, and if microsoft do allow it to go to other platforms they are not very smart, funding a game just to let it go to your nearest competitor with the chance of the game selling more ps4's and games, like i said not very smart, but this is all speculation of course, same with the timed exclusivity angle

thanhgee3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

They've already said there's a duration for the deal. It might mean PC, it could also mean PS4. I doubt it's a console exclusive because by now they would of capitalized on that deal and said it's a console exclusive.

RiseofScorpio3300d ago

Phil Spencer compared to deal to Dead Rising 3....so its coming to PC but no direct competing console. I remember Spencer saying he won't invest in games that'll end up on a direct competitors console.

jb2273300d ago

MS aren't completely funding the game. I assume that they are grabbing the marketing & production costs so CD's funds can go solely to creating the game. Beyond that, would it actually be smart of MS to drop what would no doubt be a VERY lofty sum just to keep a single game from another console? Wouldn't that money be more wisely spent on a handful of diverse new games available only for their system instead of all being thrown at a single one? Money that is spent on keeping this title away from other gamers could easily be spent towards creating the next Halo or Gears of War type phenomenon whose entire franchise would be owned solely by MS instead of a single title that will be old to gamers after a year or so.

Regarding the game itself, it was a bit upsetting to see that all of those early talks about opening up the world to the traditional globe trotting adventure we'd become accustomed to throughout the life of titles like TR & Uncharted was actually a bit of hyperbole and the game seems to be right back to the open world genre that the first game utilized. Honestly at this early juncture it really seems like this game is basically Tomb Raider 1.5, the Siberian environment looks just like the Japanese island environment of the last game w/ added snow to my eyes. Hopefully CD can get something impressive across at E3, otherwise they will be more deserving of all of the "uninnovative" flak that The Order got than RAD themselves. Not really seeing what separates the Xbox One version from the 360 version at all at this point from the pics & GI article, regardless of who developed either version.

christocolus3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )


"Because xbox community doesent appreciate good games. "

says who? Nekro? Did you arrive at this conclusion after years study and analysis in your secret layer under the bridge?

will like to see a link confirming Project sparks sales. FH2 sold really well cos MS mentioned it in their last quarterly earnings report(Halo MCC and FH2 did great). Sunset Overdrive is a great game but not sure the figures,but im guessing it has sold a lot more copies since launch and lastly you do know Call of duty now sells better on PS4 than XboxOne (worldwide). So dont see the point of you bringing it in to fit your argument.

Bigpappy3300d ago

I know where he got those numbers from. They have an awful smell to them.

These fanboys do this kind of junk all the time. There is absolutely no way of knowing how any game sold on X1, without M$ revealing the numbers. Too many games are now sold digitally.

ghostface93300d ago

How do you know there under a million sold there is no sales data for digital sales and if your relying on vgchartz numbers that is hilarious that you think there accurate. Also project spark is a free to play game so obviously its not going to have that many units sold. Playstation fanboys are getting really pathetic plenty of games like mlb the show over the entire life of the series 8 years has sold over a million on one console so get out of here with your nonsense.

Zizi3300d ago

Rise of the Tomb Raider is a looker. Really. I, however, am still sad that it is (rumored) to be a timed-exclusive.

Bennibop3300d ago

It's a confirmed timed exclusive.

jb2273300d ago

Why exactly would that be cause to be sad? Bragging rights would be the only thing I could think of & that should be worth exactly nothing to a fan of gaming. Or I guess PS4 gamers could be sad its not coming to their console for some unspecified period of time (likely a year or 2 at most) but after seeing the early coverage I'm fine by it. Can't really get any kind of feel whether or not it truly is a looker based solely off of a cinematic trailer sans gameplay & a handful of static bullshots from a magazine that could also be taken from any cinematic portion. I'll reserve judgment until I see the actual game in action on release. At the end of the day, for my tastes as someone who has played pretty much every title in either franchise, Uncharted will be the superior title in every way & this early coverage only cements that feeling for me.

Zizi3300d ago

I do agree that Uncharted will be superior in most aspects. We, however, need a game like Rise of the Tomb Raider, because Crystal Dynamics has put the franchise on a much better spectrum with the latest praised by critics and gamers.

jb2273299d ago


I could see that. I definitely don't begrudge MS for wanting a game of this ilk or its gamers for being excited for it, but I personally just wish they would've thought of that a couple years back & started the ball rolling on their own brand new title that could potentially be even better than the TR reboot was or even better than Uncharted 4 could be. I personally think that that's what Xbox needs much more than TR...they need exclusive ip's that they actually own from the outset. With Microsoft's funds they could've made an amazing pulpy Action/Adventure game instead of just grabbing someone else's that was bound for the platform either way.

I guess I wish MS would just continue w/ their bread & butter by focusing on online mp focused titles, OR make an actual play towards diversifying their gaming portfolio w/ true exclusive sp games similar to these to give fans of these games a true reason to buy their console.