Turn 10: Forza Motorsport 3 to push the 360 in terms of both visuals and performance

Turn 10 hints at Forza Motorsport 3 in its latest pitpass report, will we see a debut trailer at E3 next week?

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Altis14768d ago

I cannot wait until Monday night.

heyheyhey4768d ago

yeah E3 will be crazy..

but im on holiday... damn

Premonition4768d ago

isnt the MS conference monday morning?

mesh14768d ago

GUYS I TRUST TURN10 belive you will see skills with these devs i play forza 2 pn my bro 360 its ace .

sonarus4768d ago

ooooh its on:D
Nice to see turn 10 stepping their game up

Altis14768d ago

I won't be off work until the night on monday. So I won't be getting any E3 info goodness until then.

Dark_Vendetta4768d ago

Don't get your hopes up too high. I think the E3 will be great but there are way too many rumors which at the end could turn out to be not true

SixTwoTwo4768d ago

Gran Turismo 5 vs Forza Motorsport 3. Lets hope Polyphony and Turn 10 push each other to the limit.

mistertwoturbo4768d ago

I hope Forza 3 achieve's GT5P's graphics or greater (even if it's at 720p resolution)

Because it has some of the best physics ever made in a racing game, but with only "decently" good graphics.

Once they reach the level of GT5P's graphics, then they will have a truely complete racing simulator.

GT5 Will have a lot to prove next year.

Willio4768d ago

I think it make more sense if "Forza 3 will have a lot to prove next year" since we already know an aspect of expectation from GT5.

mistertwoturbo4768d ago

Yeah but I mean we know GT5's graphics are going to be killer. I'm speaking more of the physics and features side of things.

I miss the old days in GT1 where you can buy the full touring spec for any car that you had.

And they might as well give us 100% customization.

So i'll rephrase it, GT5 and Forza 3 have a lot to prove to the consumers.

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Mr PS34768d ago

It's impossible to push the 360 in terms of both visuals and performance !!!!
The Damm things maxed out
Another game the Bots are gonna look forward to that wont look much better than its predecessor

Bladestar4768d ago (Edited 4768d ago )

Says an ignorant blind sony leg humper....
Funny you speak of Forza 2 as if it was a failure... hey genious did you noticed it's metacritics is 90/100?

compared to other games mentioned by other leg humpers like juuken "Prologue"...


but.. but.. but... it was a demo... if you have to pay for a demo what most retail games cost than it's not a demo...

you Sony leg humpers are just angry Forza 2 practically is taking GT glory... Why wasn't Forza 2 as detailed as GT5P? physics, damage should be enough... kind of easy when a game only have to worry about going foward and provide no crashing or many of the features forza provides and even like that it was great in terms of graphics...

Next Forza game will be just better... they are just maturing the already great engine... ohh and your b!tch!ng and hate will not stop this game from rapping any racing game on the PS3 in terms of reviews and sells... no go cry under your bed.

juuken4768d ago (Edited 4768d ago )

And yet Bladestar, Prologue sold well despite being a prologue! An 80 is still a pretty good score either way! You're comparing full games with a game that's not even finished? That's why it's called a prologue you jackass! Oh dear, when GT5 (the real game) comes's gonna kick ass.

I smell desperation and annnnnnnger coming from that post!


Queefy! Don't piss Blade off even further! He's getting greener!

edit: Bladestar...your idiocy astounds me. It really, really does. GT5 Prologue was created to give PS3 owners a taste of GT5. GT5 is coming in 2009 and will have everything a GT game usually has-awesome cars, crashes, etc, etc.

Does Forza 3 have a release date?

...No, so kindly shut the hell up.

I actually like the fact a demo was used first before delivering the final product. I thought that was pretty clever.

The rest of your comments were just really, really stupid so I'll leave it as that.

I hope I don't hear you crying when GT5 gets high marks. All GT games (excluding the demo...which you seem to bash a lot) have gotten some pretty high marks.

QueefyB4768d ago

mrps3 i agree with you one hundred percent i think bladestar is still mourning his loss and thats why he is fuming from the ears because he doesnt want to accept reality so just send him the card in this post i think it will help him thanks


Bladestar4768d ago

Why do you leg humpers call Prologue a demo when everything indicate it was not...

first you had to pay for it. second it had a development cycle just like any other game... it had testing and certification and it was deployed to any user not certify to test demos...

do you actually think they would charge for a demo that does not reflect the final product?

do demos even get a review score?

Prologue was an actually game... why call it a demo then? trying to take Forza 2 thunder... that game was just made to look graphically superior while not implementing many of the features so people like you can say, "Look the game looks better than forza 2" and when told, "but the game lacks many of the feature including damage" you can say, "but the game is a demo"... which is exactly what you are doing... so when is the next GT game coming out? do you have a date? Sony is used to use this strategy.. one of the reason why I dislike them... they use "demos" or CGI to try to overshadow other games... just like they did with Kill Zone 2 like 3-4 years ago.. in order to try to overshadow Gears 1... and what do we have? Gears 2 will come out first and Kill Zone 2 is still in the oven...
GT? same crap... Prologue came out as a "demo" to overshadow Forza 2... and it seems like Forza 3 will be out before the actual GT game... Final Fantasy XIII? how many RPG games will be out before it? Sony strategy is to sell consoles base on showing games or demos of games that many take 4 years to come out...

pwnsause4768d ago

bladestar just stop, there have been prior itterations of GT prologues before GT5, they score someplace between a 70 and 85 out of 100. People know its a taste of whats to come, and they dont mind paying $40 for a game thats suppose to be a demo. thats how sucessful GT is, and expect the real GT5 to deliver.

Mr PS34768d ago

Calm down
Thy Silly Little Xbot
All i was stating was Fact
This Foroza 3 Is the third attempt on the 360
And it will not come close to mathing GT5 in visuals and performance which by the way GT5 will be the first attempt on the PS3
You see what i'm saying
3 attempts to 1
And Foroza 3 FAILS
Imagine what GT6 would look like then
The Xbox is maxed out
That means there aint much more room for improvement
Just look at Halo 3 and Gears 2 for proof
Hell the Xbox aint ever gonna have anything that comes close to Metal Gear And that is just in the second year of the Playstations life
And again imagine what MGS5 is gonna look like
You see there is Plenty more to come from the PS3
The Exclusive's are gonna get better and better
Sadly that is NOT the case for your Exclusive Sequels
So what you gonna do next
Oh i know pull review scores outa your ass
Ok So if you wana compair
GT5 prolouge is a tenth of the finished product and it gets an 8 foroza 2 is a complete game and gets a 9
So lets look at it this way then
When GT5 is complete it should get 80/10
Sorry Bladestar you SUCK

Homicide4768d ago

Ah, so now you call Prologue a game and not a demo. Funny how you bots try to spin everything around and contradict your comments from before.

Dareaver14768d ago

Forza 3 is Turn 10's second attempt on the 360. Do you even know what you are talking about? You then talk about GT6, ummm yeah, GT5 hasn't even come out yet, and has been in development how long? Not only that, let's see 360 at it's limit? Guess you are a developer huh? The 360 can pump out over 500 million polys per second, and the PS3 can only do about 275 million. So when the 360 hit's it's limit what can be said about the ps3.

They are both great consoles with obvious limitations, but they are also very similar with what they can do.

GT is trying to catch up with what Turn 10 is offering, not vice versa. Get your information straight next time.

PoSTedUP4768d ago

ok ok. prolouge isnt a finished game. its still missing like 820 cars, alot of tracks, damage, and what ever polyphony digital wants to add to it. its well worth 40$ if your a Gt fan. put it this way, forz2 is an excellent racing game, but GT is more of a "driving" sim. the handling is way more realistic in GT says real race car drivers. but forza does have the the better game as of now cause GT5 isnt out yet. and forza has engine swaps and paint jobs etc. but its more of an arcade racer cause of the car handling. peace

Dareaver14768d ago

Forza 1 took physics calculations at 120 fps.

Forza 2 took physics at 360 fps.

GT4 took them at 60fps.

Oh and lets see, why don't you check out this video, all about GT4's physics

Dareaver14768d ago

GT5p's physics, let's see here....

PoSTedUP4768d ago (Edited 4768d ago )

"driving" physics. yes it does. let me remind you that it dosent have damage yet so the crashing and bumping physics arent good. stop being a fanboy, i only state facts. and if your not a fanboy then your wrong anyways.

edit: so your telling me that in forza2 the cars handle like in real life?? lol ok bro w/e you say. its the better game but its not really a "driving" sim. its an arcade racer with realistic customization. thats all.

where in my comment did i say that it has better physics? i thinks yous needs to read mores carefully playa. ; )

Dareaver14768d ago (Edited 4768d ago )

i backed up my statements with facts and evidence to help shape my opinion.

Fact Forza 1 calculated physics at 120fps, Forza 2 at 360fps, and GT 4 at 60fps.

Then i showed you two videos showing the GT has flawed physics mechanics, and then you have the nerve to call me a fanboy.

And by stating what you said about real race car drivers and GT's handling, shows that you support what they say, and in essence believe it yourself since you are using that to defend GT's handling/physics.

So, being as though you used that in defence of GT, i took it as your belief also. And only retorted by saying that Forza had better physics.

And the fact that in your new comment you reiterate what i believe to be true and that is that you believe that GT has better physics than forza.

I'm sorry but i disagree based on the facts i previously gave and the videos.

Edit: since you want to read more into my comment then what i actually said. I believe that Forza handles more realistically then GT. Neither of these games handle like real life. There are other variables to consider in a racing game that these machines can not process. They don't have the power to emulate real life. other factors come into play that aren't capable in these machines.

PoSTedUP4768d ago (Edited 4768d ago )

ya still need to read better dog. i said driving physics man, go read a book. you sound really uneducated right now, its funny how your comparing a nex gen game with a game from this gen and then your comparing a demo to a full game! wow, if you read up on things you would know that gt5 is targeting at 600fps so yea, do some research next time playa. look how dumb you look when you dont do the full research man. for real. and look at how many words you wasted cause you didnt do the full research.

edit: "I believe that Forza2 handles more realistically then GT" well thats you. according to numerous "real" race car drivers GT has the most realistic handling known to a racing sim. Peace out playa.

ps: if you want, ill have to finish you off at the bottom of the open zone, see you there!

Dareaver14768d ago (Edited 4768d ago )

i compared forza to gt did i state which game, no. Forza vs GT 4, forza wins hands down. there is no need to even compare the two.

Driving physic, driving physics, driving physics, why don't you tell me how is that different from game physics. It's a driving game so any physics used would be driving physics. You just made yourself look stupid. Did you even watch either videos? It's not like i'm posting lies or hypotheticals. This actual proof.

Do you have proof that GT5's target is 600fps or are you making that up. But did you realize that i did not say anything about GT5's physic calculations, you know why, because the game is not even out yet. You want to comment on a target. Wait for the game to be released.

And don't try to use the GT5p demo cop-out. Someone already blew the doors open on that farce. Let's see; what demo do you have to pay a 3rd the price of a retail release for. It has been quality tested and no one goes into development to make a demo.

I see that you are out of bubbles, if you want to continue this discussion maturely, then PM me.

Edit: what do you mean by bottom of openzone? We are in the openzone.

TheDeadMetalhead4768d ago (Edited 4768d ago )

Prologue is a demo. That's why it's called PROLOGUE! (*gasp* A game that says "Prologue" that's actually a prologue!? NO! WAY!)

And even though it's just a little demo it still scored higher than your precious Ninja Gaiden 2! So HA!

If you don't want to pay $40 for it. JUST RENT IT!

Heh heh. Every time Bladestar gets owned another 360 suffers from RROD...ha ha...

ChrisGTR14768d ago

damn! forza 3 already! craapy sony cant even get gt5 out yet.

iGrenade4768d ago (Edited 4768d ago )

"push the 360 in terms of both visuals and performance"

Stop making yourself look bad dude, stop insisting GT5 was a full game, because it's not, it's GT5:Prologue, and there have always been Prologues in the GT series. It's simply to show where the game has gone, and is a simple taste of what's to come. But at the same time, for those of you who think GT5P is a "demo" it's not, but it's definitely not a full game, Prologues never have been. [email protected]'s demo though... Demo of a ... nvm
= >:|

Wow... Classic example of ignorance. Didn't you read the article that the "360 pushing 500m polys and ps3 only 275m" has been debunked? It seems like you're riding on loose facts here. It's amazing what kind of bs people believe in these days to help them sleep at night. You think you're fancy bringing all these numbers to the table. GT5P doesn't need to take in physics at 1000FPS, it doesn't even have a proper damage engine. GT always has been the superior and exclusive driving simulator, everyone knows that. It's also the only game that is always truly associated with the term "photo-realism". Forza is not a driving simulator and that's fine, it's good as it is but I honestly don't care because I've never been intersted in Forza. GT is the better driving game. And btw, the PS3 can push 880m polys.

@And for those who are whining about release dates:
On behalf of all PS3 Fanboys, we're truly, truly sorry that our developers ACTUALLY care about the quality of our games. Make that most, some feel not the need to apologize.

Dareaver14767d ago

do you have links that say that the PS3 can do 880m polys per second. I have links right here.....


they clearly state that the 360 does 500m and the ps3 does 275m. You sound so immature, and why don't you provide the link that debunks this. Because until i see it for myself i won't take your words seriously.

GT series was awesome, but the competition has gotten better and now they have to step their game up. GT 4 physics care no where close to Forza's physics. It is completely out classed. Not only that, even the sound quality in Forza is better then GT 4. It's not even worth comparing GT5p to Forza 2. Graphically GT5p is better, but i prefer the artsy feel of Forza 2 to GT5p.

here's a clip comparing GT 4 to Forza

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juuken4768d ago (Edited 4768d ago )

I'll be looking forward to that because I still think GT5 will be the best racer on the PS3. I was already blown away by Prologue's demo.

And you see...PS3 owners are not allowed to have opinions either without fifty disagrees.


I love the Gran Turismo series. I have GT4 and I might snag GT5P.

Good God, it's not like I said the game will suck ass.

QueefyB4768d ago

hey juuken i think they disagree because deep inside they know forza will never be as polished as gran turismo so they take every comment as an insult i think xbox 360 players are tired of playing underwhelming games and they want change but they are afraid to admit it because they know ps3 players will laugh at them but i promise you xbox 360 players i will not laugh at you ok maybe i will laugh at bladestar and silogon but i wont laugh at the rest because i think the rest arent as stupid as them

u got owned4768d ago

@ QueefyB

"hey juuken i think they disagree because deep inside they know forza will never be as polished as gran turismo..."

Of course not, GT5 is been in development for ever.

RAM MAGNUMS4768d ago

But unfortunatly it will still show its limitations in comparison with the alternative.
Best of luck to team forza, hopefully they can buy out of thier contract with this one and be free to create ps3 games.
Heres hoping a slew of xbutts fall for this title.

Truplaya4768d ago

Gotta love fanboys for their perserverance... and patience. Still waiting for GT5? Or happy with your demo you paid how much for?

C'mon, Forza3 will be great, as will GT5, when we see either of them.

Until then i'm happy with GRID and Burnout paradise, games that dont make me yawn after two races.

Tmac4768d ago

Wow, did you just mention GRiD? Dude you're a joke.

juuken4768d ago

Yep, he just mentioned that game. Poor xbot children...they have to rely on multi-platform games to determine teh powas of teh 360!1111

Thoas4768d ago (Edited 4768d ago )

Thats the best you could come up with? Man Xbots aren't as tuff as they use to be. MGS4 shut them up quick.

SKullDugger4768d ago

PS3 fanfools. Please install 5GB on your HDD so your system can keep up with load times. SCEA. keep dreaming fool!!!!

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