Are we being too hard on Evolve?

The trend during these past few weeks has been to tear Turtle Rock Studios’ head off for their rampant use of DLC. The main complaint is that they’re dishing out over $60 worth of additional content at launch for a full priced game that just came out.

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Septic1341d ago

There certainly is a case to answer for the abundance of DLC but the rabid way the community has gone about doing it is so petty that I'm inclined to side with the devs by default.

Assess the game on its quality not its lack of content, unless the latter really does have a massive impact on the former.

But no. I've seen the hate brigade do what it does best and just scream and recycle the same points in a manner that really makes it hard for me to take seriously.

George Sears1341d ago

Over $130 of DLC already announced. The lack of content and the addition of extra payed content leaves a bad taste in the eyes of gamers.

Not to mention that the devs themselves advised on how easy they structured the game in such a way that future content would be seamless to implement.

Funny as the people that played for the Season Pass are not eligible for all that content.

Regardless of it being extra clothes or some other useless crap, it shouldn't be added in such haste.

TheWackyMan1341d ago

Why should they not assess the game based on the content? People gave Titanfall so much flak for lacking content, and in evolve it looks as if it has even less than Titanfall.

Septic1341d ago

Well the lack of content really hurt Titanfall's longevity. So it should have been considered.

In this case, many of the haters seem to have written the game off completely without giving it a fair chance.

As it stands though, we gave the game 5/10 because the game's lack of content and gameplay let the title down. But that's the thing, we went in with an open mind. I don't see many people do that here that's all.


No Fair chance needed...

Titanfall is the perfect example, we gave that a chance and got short changed for the most part....

must we repeat the same mistake over and over for the sake of trying to be open minded?

not all of us have the funds to be open minded enough to just throw cash at every single game just to give it a fair chance... that's why we look to guys like you who review this stuff, except half the time we don't get an honest review anymore.

Omegasyde1341d ago Show
Septic1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )


Some of us have evolved (teehee) to formulate our own thoughts.

I won't bother responding with an insult like yours because screw receding back to the Hominid stage to appropriately communicate with you.

WelkinCole1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

Agree to some extent but I feel like as gamers we need to stand up to this and say no not just with our voice but with our wallets.

They set very bad precedence. I have been gaming since the atari days and every gen I feel like gamers loose more power.

Gamers are the reason why this industry exist.

It is not unreasonable for any gamer to buy a game at full price and expect the whole game.

It should be a relationship based on good faith. If they sold this game at a lower price then I would be alright with it.

At this rate we will be buying DLC's regularly for the price of a full game before the end of this gen. F that.

Its just really hard for people to do what you are asking because value will be very subjective from one person to another.Besides most people don't have the time to do what you are asking.

It is why we have loose standards like indie games, full AAA games etc where we can expect certain value for the money we spend.

Online only games for example the general gaming crowd would normally expect a lower price than a full and why Titan fall was panned by a lot of gamers.

rainslacker1340d ago

I think if people buy the game for $60, and they're content with what they got, then so be it.

If they spent $60 on the game without knowing about the content, then that's on them.

If they spent $60, knowing there was a lack of content, and everything would be structured around DLC milking, and are now complaining, then they are being too hard on evolve, and it's really their own fault.

For the people that never play it or won't buy it because of the content and DLC, then they already said what they have to say with their wallets.

For the people like above that want to express why they didn't buy it, I think it's fine to say why, but no reason to be hateful about it, because they haven't really lost out of anything personally, except that they won't be playing the game.

For those that want to hate on it to be hateful, then yeah, they are being too hard on it, because some people just like to complain.

Things like this have come around in the past, and they sometimes fail hard, sometimes they're successful. I don't know of many isntances where they make tons of money with this sales model, and it seems from most reports that the game is average at best. The thing about DLC/MT, is that the initial content has to be compelling or addictive enough to get people to want to buy more. If the publisher hasn't provided that, the idea of this being a successful business model will work itself out. If they did, then let the people who are willing to spend their money do so how they please.

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lelo2play1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

Was interested in purchasing the game because they made L4D, but after playing Evolve's beta... no way was I going to purchase the game. The beta didn't help this game game one bit.

FunAndGun1341d ago

I don't know, I had fun with the beta. I just don't think it's worth $60.

shocked6861341d ago

Everyone seems to be more upset by the timing of it all. We can deal with DLC a few months after release but give it to us right away and we'll destroy you. Even if it's just skins.

The devs actually said that all of the upcoming maps will be free because they don't want to divide the community.

So yeah there's definitely a problem with DLC usage in the industry, but I don't know if torching Evolve is really getting our message across.

MajorGecko1341d ago

devs will be shaking in their money filled boots if this game keeps on getting dumped on.

MasterCornholio1341d ago

Well the criticism about what they said about DLC is warranted.

zsquaresoff1341d ago

Why don't you pay 130$ for their game and make them feel better.

Septic1341d ago

Because to really enjoy the game, you need the cosmetic skins in a FPS.

#mobmentalty #hivemind

-Foxtrot1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

Cosmetic or not it's not the point, who knows if it really is all cosmetic stuff by the end

It's the principle of the entire thing and what it stands for. At one time cosmetic stuff used to be unlockable, finish the game on hard and you unlock the purple costume and bloody now it's "Pay $2.99 and it's all yours"

DLC filled games shouldn't be supported.

Septic1341d ago

I get the principle of it, but it seems to be overblown. I also agree that I miss the days where you just unlocked the cosmetic stuff but alas, the industry isn't the same anymore. Evolve are not the only culprits here though. But people have latched on to the sheer number of cosmetic items up for sale and keep throwing that number.

Scarcely do I see people actually comment on the gameplay on here. I just see them regurgitate the same thing over and over again.

Lord_Sloth1341d ago

While I believe that there is a good case for disliking this game's DLC I also agree that it is overblown as are gamer reactions to just about anything anymore.

averagejoe261341d ago

It's not just cosmetic.

$8 per hunter.

$15 per monster.

Christopher1341d ago

Shouldn't we be looking at TF2 if this is such an issue? Why are we using Evolve as some sort of punching bag for what Valve and Capcom have been doing for years as it relates to cosmetic elements?

magiciandude1341d ago

TF2 is FTP, isn't it? FTP games can get away with charging for cosmetic junk. A $60 game should have all that included. That's how games used to be, and most games also used to cost less than $60 with the exception of some odd games. Gaming is sprinting its way to another crash or so it looks. :)

Christopher1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

***TF2 is FTP, isn't it?***

When it came out, I had to pay for it. So, not for me. What happens to it years down the road is not what happened to it at release.

*** A $60 game should have all that included.***

Why? It's just cosmetics. It's even a FPS, so you're not going to be looking at yourself in the game.

The cosmetics are just to push pre-orders for the most point. This is normal only instead of limiting one mission to the PS4 or to GameStop pre-orders, all they're limiting are cosmetic stuff.

If there was a way to do DLC that didn't affect gameplay, this is the way to do it. Yet, we're taking Evolve to town here over what others have done and not even taking into account what others have done that is even worse.

s45gr321341d ago

I am sad there's an argument on microtransanctions in $60.00 games

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shocked6861341d ago

$130? Like the article says, that's like getting mad at League of Legends for having $2500 worth of skins and champions.

I don't know about you guys, but $2500 is way too much for a game.

magiciandude1341d ago

LoL is FTP, no? Evolve is a $60 game and Turtle Rock still has the nerve to charge $130 for all the DLC on day 1. Even worse, more DLC will come.

s45gr321341d ago

League of Legends is a free game with free online gaming. The only way the LOL game developers/publishers make money is through DLC + microtransanctions. Evolve is a $60.00 game that on consoles the gamer pays to play online. No single player game (no story mode), no free unlockables, no mini games, etc. So for every copy of Evolve sold,the game 2K and Turtle rock are making money. Selling a barebones $60.00 games is unacceptable and as we gamers accept tis,expect games online only with DLC, microtransanctions, and a half ass or 2hour or not at all single player game with all the extras behind a paywall. Free to play games are bad but $60.00 games with DLC and microtransanctions plus paywalls are better don't hurt the billion poor mainstream game developer.

shocked6861341d ago

True League is FTP, but I'm just saying I don't think it's really a fair argument to call Evolve a $120 game. Not saying I agree with their DLC model, but that one point is a little shakey and it's thrown around a lot.

rawrock1341d ago

Yep, very fun game. Havent bought any dlc, and its still worth $60...

BigShotSmoov0071341d ago

I agree, love the game and haven't bought any of the DLC but I bought the season pass and I get the monster for free cause pre-ordered it. Definitely worth $60 for me and looking forward to seeing the new modes and maps they are going to release....for free.

Ashby_JC1341d ago

I have it coming in the mail. I'll judge for myself.

If most of the$60 dlc is's not that big of a deal. I do feel that it should be in the game and free.

But it's not affecting the core game.

If so many are upset...don't buy the game and if you do. Don't buy the dlc.

But for real...sometime is buying this type of dlc otherwise why bother making dlc like this??

I prefer dlc like premium from dice, or rockstar expansions (gta4)

averagejoe261341d ago

but it IS affecting the core game. It costs $8 for each class of hunter and $15 for each new monster. That's ALL the game has is hunters and monsters.

BigShotSmoov0071341d ago

It's cosmetic DLC, it's not affecting the core game at all, not in the slightest. Doesn't effece how you play the game at all.

Ashby_JC1341d ago

Educate yourself....the fact that you have alot of agrees lets me know that the correct information is not out there.

There are 3 monsters. A 4th (Behemoth) is coming with the expansion pack which is $25.

The season pass $25 is monster skins and new hunters.

Looks like all maps will be free (which is a big deal)

I myself dont like it just splinters the user base. The plus is if you dont pay more then $60 you still can play with others who have the extra stuff.

I feel they should have just released all this extra for free as skins...a fourth monster and extra hunters should be in the $60. But thats just me.

If the backlash is strong enough and the DLC isnt selling then I can see them making some changes.

THey made a mistake even talking DLC prior to release. Especially DLC that is kind of confusing if you dont fully take the time to read it all.

Ashby_JC1341d ago

Just reading the EVOLVE page with all the DLC and seaon pass and expansions yadda is kind of ridiculous what they are trying to do.

They should have just gave the 4th monster away for free after like a month. Focused on getting the info out that NEW maps are free!!!!

And then include a new hunter for cheaper or FREE every couple of weeks to keep the game fresh. about just have all this CRAP in the game from the jump!!!!!!!

Less headaches for them im sure. The game was already going to be a tough sell. This DLC outcry is going to hurt in sales. But I could be wrong!

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