Peter Molyneux: "...the only answer to this is for me to completely stop talking to the press"

Peter Molyneux has said he understands "people are sick of hearing my voice and hearing my promises," and so now the veteran game designer is "going to stop doing press".

He blames his passion for ideas, and that "people think that these are hard and fast promises," but then technical issues arise and sometimes ideas just don't fit. It's time he stepped away from the mic.

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DarkOcelet1369d ago

Then maybe he should not have made those ridiculous promises from the first place.

Septic1369d ago

Yeah that's the point mate. He says he's going to stop talking to the press so his outlandish promises dont get any traction with the media/community.

theshonen88991369d ago

He's been in the industry for how long now? You'd think he'd learn to manage expectations by now. The backlash he's getting is entirely well deserved, press or no press.

Septic1369d ago

I agree. Its his fault entirely and he holds his hands up to it. It doesn't dilute the disappointment we've suffered though.

Dlacy13g1369d ago

Godus certainly is a train wreck and backlash is deserved but I for one love hearing Peter Molyneux talk. Even though I know most is just over promised hype. His enthusiasm is infectious and something I want more devs to display. I am tired of the Phil Fishes of the industry and hope we get more passionate and open devs like Peter...even at the expense of some over hype.

inveni01369d ago

He doesn't just rattle off ideas, he likes to generate hype. He's a very unrealistic person. The original Fable was a great game (I still have it on Steam), but it wasn't nearly the game he had said it would be.

indyman77771368d ago

So now it is EVERY ONES ELSE'S fault for believing him!

He promised quality, and then when there was a bug that prevented people from finishing the game, his excuse for not fixing it with a download was 'only 2 percent of people finish most games anyway!'.

What the, yep that sounds like it is our fault, we had high expectations, like for instance being able to finish a game that was actually fun.

Yep, whiny customers, what you want from me? I've already collected all your money be gone!!!


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starrman19851369d ago

It's a shame, personally I used to love his diaries talking about Fable, although I was well aware that 60% of what he said would never make it to production. I just liked this enthusiasm!

He looks like a broken man now, all he needs to do is use his enthusiasm to talk about features that are actually built!

nowitzki20041369d ago

I dont agree with the press often, but against him we can all agree with the press.

DivoJones1369d ago

He's a prime example of a company man who doesn't belong on Kickstarter. It's one thing to work for a major company and have ambitious goals that are slashed to meet deadlines and budget constraints.. it's another to crowd-fund a game with funding benchmarks then go "Whoops, guess a lot of these features aren't going to work after all".
It's why I'll never support a kickstarter game.. i'll buy a game when it's released and see exactly what it is. Follows the same logic as pre-ordering.. i'm not paying for hype and PR, i'm paying for a game I want to play.

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JamieReleases1369d ago

I think his enthusiasm has got the better of him, he's an incrediable talented developer, but he needs to find the man within himself that was reponsible for Syndicate, Dungeon Keeper and all those classic Bullfrog games.

Perjoss1369d ago

He didn't make those games on his own, he obviously worked well within the teams that made those great games, but those times have passed. I think Fable 2 was the last decent thing he worked on. I really admire his enthusiasm and it does seem like he wants to do great things but something is missing. I also think that it is a good thing for him to not speak out for a while and just put his head down and come up with something cool.

Maybe all he needs is a great designer working under him that can say no to the terrible ideas and bring the better ideas to life. Could be another George Lucas situation where he's just surrounded by yes men. who knows.

GortJester1369d ago

He should probably keep quiet until the game is in alpha mode instead of in conceptual developmemt... he's been disappointing people for years, not with his games per se, but with his overblown promises that almost never pan out. Talented guy, horrible PR person.

remixx1161369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

Bingo, just work let the game speak for itself. When you tell people things before hand it creates these weird little things called expectations, things that you now have to fulfill or your a letdown or a liar.

Don't run your mouth over unfinished ideas, talk of what you "have already" completed.

traumadisaster1369d ago

I happen to like dk and the fable series and never new anything about "broken promises" cause I play games and don't listen what devs say or think.

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