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Evolve is a tricky game to rate, what with it's multiplayer components being so important to the game as a whole. Where the magic lies is in the multiplayer on offer. Evolve sets itself apart from its peers as something all together special in this world. We’ve got traditional MOBAs coming out of our noses that gets wiped away on slightly less traditional first person shooters. There isn’t a day goes by where you don’t hear of someone crying for their favorite single player game to have a multiplayer option. Evolve brings something that proves Darwin’s Theory of Evolution perfectly. The survival of the fittest is a real thing in this gaming climate we’re living in, and Evolve has all of the tools it needs to live on for months if not years to come.

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No_Limit1348d ago

Dang..this game is scoring pretty good. Might have to check it out when it is like $30.

Stopher921348d ago

I'm gonna get it used as soon as it's worth the money. Meaning $40 or less

fallacious1348d ago

Do people honestly not care that they're being screwed over by a game that has over $40 of DLC? If you wanted to make this DLC centric why give it a $60 price tag from the get-go? At least lower it down to $50 or $40 to lube up our assholes before you screw us hard.

d4v03331348d ago

ahahha nice one! I laughed pretty hard!

Aloy-Boyfriend1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

If reviewers don't call out developers for their ridiculous Microtransation in games, Day 1 DLC, and/or overpriced DLC, this issue will never stop.

Angry Joe was right to lower the score of Ground Zeroes for being a overpriced glorified Demo. I wish more devs do this as well. How is this game getting 4/5 and 9s when it's even shallow in content and has ridiculous DLC and Micros?

This is just sad.
This game looks fun and unique, and it's being affected by greed and money-grabbing.

magiciandude1348d ago

This is going to be normal for gaming by the end of this generation. 4/5 is the new 3/5, and 9/10 is the new 6/10. Anything groundbreaking might as well get 20/10s.

SynestheticRoar1348d ago

Devolve isn"t worth 60 dollors.