Videogamer review: Evolve convolutes its simple idea with too many mechanics writes: Evolve should have been great. It isn't. Worse still is that its core idea feels as if it has been undermined by over-complication and, more disappointingly, the worst practices of modern publishing.

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Yaay4me1369d ago

Damn. Although, you can never trust these review sites after what they did to Destiny and others.

Fireseed1369d ago

Then stop reading them?

Yaay4me1369d ago

I have. For the most part. Besides its not like you wont get any info from them, you just cant take their conclusions too seriously.

Tex1171369d ago

They ripped apart Destiny for what was "promised" instead of what was "delivered."

What was promised should be talked about, but Im not sure it should be included in a review of what was delivered.

Don't know about Evolve. It is probably a game that people have to really start getting into before its true worth can be valued.

hangdang1369d ago

I think the game looks fun enough, but I don't think I'll be able to bring myself to spend $60 on a multiplayer only experience. Because I'll probaly play for a month or two and then get bored.

mixelon1369d ago

Isn't that exactly what would happen if it wasn't multiplayer only? Most FPS single player campaigns are a flash in the pan.

hangdang1369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

Right, and I don't generally buy single player only FPS at full price, either. I guess my issue is more with the game itself. It seems fun, just not $60 worth of fun to me.

Der_Kommandant1369d ago

Even Advance Warfare have a good level of customization, can't believe these guys are charging $130 for cosmetic things.

snookiegamer1369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

I agree 100% with their review of Evolve. I don't agree with everything say, but Evolve deserves 6/10. They're getting rid of review scores anyway ...Math+Opinion = Nonsense.

Evolve's 44 pieces of DLC cost a total of $136, is not included in the $20 Season Pass, and it's shameless that a $60 game is parading as a F2P, P2W game.

If you purchased everything it would cost you $216. In contrast, a friend of mine got an Xbox One at Xmas for $299 inc 1 game! Sure, you don't have to buy it, but it's the principle of the damn thing ...quit nickel 'n diming gamers! ;/

souldestroyer141369d ago

I'll wait for a goty version.. Same goes for mkx.. It's a shame because I want both of these games but cannot support these businesses practices

Ozmoses1369d ago

you mean ultimate edition or something along those lines...

because with the number of games and the "name" of some these games coming out in 2015 you can be DAMN certain that Evolve won't win Game of The Year...

mixelon1368d ago

Neither did Dead Island, and they got a GOTY edition. So did Plants vs Zombies. It's a nonsense marketing term. :)